Saturday, August 7, 2010

Progress on Blue Celtic Jumper

Sleeves-One repeat done-about 7" long.

We just had the strangest thing happen! We were all in the basement, getting ready to take out the tub, and suddenly, the lights flickered--I think we lost power for a minute or two, because when I came upstairs, my computer had turned off again.

But then, the closet door started to rattle, and I don't mean just a little, either. It was leaning up against a cupboard, and it was rattling enough that it actually was making quite a bit of noise.

Keep in mind that there was no was only raining lightly, and just as soon as it started, it stopped. When I came upstairs, I turned on my computer again, so the fuse didn't blow, but I could hear clicking going on in the fuse box...which doesn't bode well for the boy's electrical work. I'm going to have them check it in just a minute.

I wonder if we didn't just have an earthquake somewhere nearby? I'm going to have to check into it. I sure hope we aren't headed for an earthquake!!!

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