Monday, August 9, 2010

And Going and Coming

And always too soon!

(I'm So) Tired..from Dr. Frankenstein with Gene Wilder.

It was a long, long, too long day today.
Did I say it was a long day?

Not much knitting done today. I have to finish up with a project for the office party, and it's hot. My memory didn't come in the UPS truck I am


missing my memory!

It will come in a day or so...I hope.

Tomorrow, I have part of the day off to take my hubby in to the hospital for his procedure. You should see the clorox-sized bottle of crap he's got to drink to prepare for the "procedure". You want to know something--I surely don't want one of those "procedures" if I have to drink all that crud! I had one just before they took the "good stuff" off the market. I don't have to have the "procedure" again for 10 years...THANK GOD FOR THAT! And maybe by that time, they will have come up with an easier, less water to make me slosh about all night, technique for this procedure.

I think you know which one I mean.

My poor hubby had polyps--and the doctor removed those and called him back in--by tomorrow morning, he will be (pardon the pun) "clean as a whistle". Of course, most of his "whistling" will be through the night, whilst seated on the thunder throne, I suppose.

My "exit", where no man had gone before, was just fine, last checked. And I've been trying to keep things "moving" properly by eating my fiber (no, my quilt fabric and spinning wool remain unscathed) and, knock on wood--I haven't had any troubles since my diverticulitis attack. I still have diverticulosis, but it's been pretty harmless.

I'm sure you wanted to read about all this--just be glad I don't post pictures!

I had a really hard cramp in my calf a couple nights ago, and it's still quite painful. I've got to get my weight under control and by so doing, get my diabetes under control, so that I don't have anymore of these stupid leg cramps. Because they HURT! And for a long time! And they make walking anyplace darn near impossible!

Well, guess I'll get started on that project for the office. Yak at ya'll later!

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