Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another Long Day

Coupled with that, the supervisor thinks I continued to do something after she told me not to do it anymore.

And I haven't done it, since she told me that it was pointless to do it--and that's that.

Her supervisor is breathing down her neck--and of course, she's stuck doing all this EXTRA crap that she shouldn't have to be doing, and if she could move me into a better position, then she could give some of that work to me to do...

But will she do that?

Probably not.

The woman needs to learn that she can't do it all or she's going to end up in the hospital like her predecessor did...and then on the block for retirement. Not a good idea at this point to have to train a new supervisor. She's just trying to do too much, and isn't working at getting people the access that they need in order to do the job and do it right.

And the further behind things get, the more people complain, and the more the word gets to her supervisor...and then of course, she gets all stressed out.

But I'm all stressed out now, because...

Well, forget about it.

The memory came in for my computer and I just finished installing. Of course, you don't see a difference, but *I* sure do--just in the way it behaves! I think that I might head back to Best Buy and pick up a laptop cooler, too. The bottom of this thing gets REALLY hot.

It's time to make dinner. I'm in my bedroom, sweating in the air conditioning, because it hasn't quite yet cooled the room sufficiently for me to breathe.

I have to cook in this heat? You betcha. Any man worth his salt would take me to dinner! Perhaps I should hand the man the pepper shaker tonight?

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