Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nearing the Underarm...

I'm getting closer to being done with the sweater. I am nearly to the underarm, resting my right wrist, which has begun to give me fits due to all the knitting.

We are waiting for the kids to wake up. We would like to get started again on the basement. I want to teach my step-son's girlfriend how to knit--unless she brought her needlepoint. Or I could teach her how to crochet. It really doesn't matter much which one she learns, as long as it's something we can do while the boys are at it in the basement.

I bought me another case to hold a project--and I bought some more yarn. In fact, I bought all the cream that they had--this has sequins in it. I thought it will make a nice gift for somebody for Christmas, although I am not sure who's going to get it.

My son is going to get a flame double knit scarf, I think--matching the hat and gloves that I made for him. That should be a quick knit.

My husband gets a double knit hat--his ears get cold in winter. I figure a nice wool hat would be very nice--but might shrink right onto his head until it pops off--POP! Not his head....THE HAT! Silly you.

He also gets a new pair of gloves. I think somebody filched his wool gloves that I made him two years ago. That's a shame. He really liked them. They are easy to make, though a little fiddly.

My mother gets cross stitch fabric and I'll have to take her to Hobby Lobby to get whatever she wants for floss. And of course, her birthday is coming up as well. I have a couple of little things for her to put in her house--all piggie related.

Then there's the grandkids...there's a no-brainer. I'm thinking quick, in the round sweaters to help keep them warm. Something with intarsia--not too intricate--maybe something with camouflage and green and then pink and green for the other. I think that will work out really well.

So there's a lot of knitting to do. First have to finish this sweater, and I am so close I can taste it. I really want to get it done. Cheer me on with a few comments.

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