Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sleeves Begun!

I've got the cuffs done.

There's supposed to be an aurora borealis tonight, so I have set my alarm to fire at midnight, and I will check the skies. Right now, they are partly cloudy, but there's supposed to be a pretty spectacular show tonight. So much so, that I've considered getting out my tripod and setting up my camera, but I think it's down in my sewing room, and it's late, and there are no walls, and I do worry about my step son's privacy (or lack thereof).

So I'm hoping for a good display tonight.

My Border Collie, Mandy got loose from her rope again chasing a rabbit. She was gone for 5 whole agonizing minutes. I finally was able to call her to the back onto the deck, and I hauled her into the house, scolding her the entire way! Darn rabbits! They tease her because they think she's only got so much rope, and then when the rope breaks, she gets a bunny supper...midnight snack. Now, I have to get more rope to fix the line. Tomorrow, I have to walk her around outside to potty, since I'm sure she hasn't done so tonight!

So excitement around the house.

A good movie tip? The Last Castle, with Robert Redford. REALLY good movie! Of course, almost anything with Robert in it is a good movie, right?

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