Saturday, November 28, 2009

Another Dishcloth

This is my November 2009 Monthly Dishcloth, done a second time with a dark green, rather than the lime green that I made first. I guess I don't have a preference, although I think the lighter colors show up the pattern to it's best advantage.

I had hoped to add some ornaments and bulbs to it, so that I had a Christmas-y cloth, but then I'd never use it for it's intended purpose.

Then my husband says to me:

"I don't know what you're going to do with all these dishcloths. You never use them. No one else likes them..." and he was about to continue when I interjected, very angry--

"Well, that's a real nice thing to say to me! After all the nice things I make to tell me that nobody likes my gifts?" Well, I was REALLY ANGRY, and stormed out of the house. I came back, but I was pretty miffed.

"First off," I said, "is that if you ever want another hand made gift from me, it's probably best you keep your mouth shut--even if you don't like it. And SECONDLY, do not make nasty, mean comments about the items that I give away as gifts. After all, I can't afford to buy $1000 televisions. You are lucky to get what you get. Considering all the time I put into the work, not to mention the idea phase, I should think you'd be proud of me. And if I have a thousand cloths in my drawer and never use a one, WHY SHOULD YOU CARE?"

By now, I'm on a roll.

"So if you can't say something nice, don't say anything, or at the worst, freaking LIE TO ME! I don't want you belittling my handiwork, since you have no idea what goes into it! I'd like to see you put together some of the things that I've done over the years, and I bet YOU CAN'T."

Ooh, and I'm just a fuming!


And then we drove to Best Buy to get our new television.

This thing is beyond huge.

The plan is to put it on the wall. Our old television will likely go downstairs in the great room, but for now, the new television sits on top of the old one, which looks a little strange...but what can you do? I ask you!

So the weather is turning colder, but the day is just gorgeous outside. I want to get dressed and head out and do something fantastic--like go to JoAnn's with this 20% off coupon and buy a bunch of crochet cotton for my mother for Christmas--maybe some dishcloth cotton for my mother in law, and of course, my son's hat...a top down raglan with a cable in front for my hubby, and whatever for the name I draw for his family.

And that will be pretty much the extent of my Christmas shopping. So it will be a quick and easy year this year, I think. I look forward to it already.

In the meantime...on to knitting!

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Deb said...

I love this post! You & your hubby sound like me & my hubby sometimes. "Why do you knit dishcloths? What a waste of time."

I told him & the kids to just chill. "I'm home. I'm not running around & I don't drink or smoke, so just be glad that I do knit."