Monday, November 16, 2009


Tonight is a special night.

Tonight, I am driving to my friend's house (Ray) to watch FIGHT NITE! WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW!

Oh boy, oh boy! Can't contain the excitement over here, because my VERY MOST FAVORITE WRESTLER is on tonight---

You can't guess?


Because he's a piper mostly, and a red-blooded All American Boy-Man (I guess he's a man. I think he's like over 60 or something like that!), who fought the lovely Adrian (a fat guy who liked to dress up and wear makeup and sparkly stuff--and wore outfits 17 sizes too small that basically showed EVERY UNSIGHTLY CURVE! YUK!).

So he's going to be on tonight. I doubt he'll be actually wrestling anybody, but he might get into a scuffle, as he's been known to do--this last year with Santino, who liked to dress up in drag as Santina--another un-lovely--it makes me wonder if the Hot Rod would have liked Milton Berle much? :)

In any case, Ray is loading up on chips and dip and drinks to help us stay awake, because it's going to be a late night. I probably shouldn't do it on a work night, but I miss Hot Rod so much, and Ray watches this stuff like I watch Medium. He knows what's going on with the players all the time, and follows the magazines so that he can keep me apprized when the Hot Rod will be televised. You see, the man is retired for the most part, and only occasionally makes cameo appearances. They seem to be more frequent of late, and so it's important for me to find out if this will be a regular thing--

You see, I gave up cable, and lost Monday Night Raw--but if the Hot Rod is making a comeback, I want to be able to watch, and so, rather than get cable, I figure to buy a Recorder for Ray and teach him how to use it, so that he can record the episodes with Hot Rod for my viewing later. I'd do it now, but the timing is off.

But I'm all a-tither. I'm going to get something to eat soon, and then I'll be off to the races. Wish me luck driving Miss Daisy back home after midnight with all the deer spooked and running around.

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