Saturday, November 7, 2009

As Continue from Yarn Harlot's Blog...

Yarn Harlot has been blogging about brazzieres.

I must agree with her (and laugh right along with her) when she rants about these contraptions that are only meant to be prisons for parts of our anatomy that just don't behave! The single most uncomfortable piece of rude awakening, stress inducing clothing ever made by..

A man.

Yes, you knew that didn't you?

Well, now a days, there are bra specialty stores.

You knew that too? Oh, I've got you now.

In addition to places like Victoria's Secret--and if I may borrow a quote--the secret is that only people under 30 can wear them--there are other, more sophisticated stores that cater to the well-to-do and the well endowed who couldn't fit one breast into Victoria's Secret, let alone two!

And my thought ran to possible names for these sorts of places, albeit, rather tongue in cheek, as well as some really legitimate names...

The FRONT room.
Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder's and Misc.
Uplifters R Us
Bras that FIT

Okay, it's a short list, but you get the idea. There are places where you can walk in, and the store owner knows your size the second you walk in! It's like going to a tailor, and they know what size underwear you wear. The use of a measuring tape is really just for show to prove to you that they know what they are talking about.

"You're not a 51DD! You're a 47C!"

Which is an amazing boost to the ego, when you're trying to lose weight! It makes you feel like you've actually accomplished something...what we don't realize is that when women diet, their breasts get small because they are mostly..yes, you can say it...FAT.

And it's awful when your husband says "Hey! How come? Weren't they just fine yesterday?"

Well, there you go. Need I say more?

------(divider to show I'm changing the subject now, so ya'll switch gears)

My first class went really well. I had lots of time for the instruction. The student caught on well, and I believe that due to my efforts, we've added another to the knitting flock. (insert wicked laugh here). Today, I'm going back to the store, and I have ANOTHER student and two classes to teach. The one on one instruction is great, because you can really spend time with a person and really answer their questions. I would REALLY love to have 2 or 3--even 4 or 5 in the class, and perhaps when I start teaching more advanced stuff, I will get the opportunity. For now one or two is fine.

I have yet to prepare for the class with the sample, but that will knit up/crochet up in no time. I look forward to it, with the same trepidation as my first class...which apparently caused my system undue stress (meaning the stress over the anticipation was totally unnecessary), and had me in the bathroom every couple of hours yesterday--ALL DAY. I know...TMI. What can I say? This blog is most often about my real life--which makes me laugh, even if it irritates you.

In fact, I might even giggle about you being irritable!

Just kidding.

Work on Fox Faces is coming along nicely. I've turned the heel, and now working down the foot. I have two repeats of the pattern done--I need to do six more...then it's off to the toes I go. I will soon be done with these sox. After that, a pair for my son for Christmas.

But not much knitting on the sox today or tomorrow--unless I take them with me, which I could. I've got the classes today and my mother's birthday tomorrow. So the weekend is completely full. Hubby will spend his day at his mother's I bet. That way he will get fed.

Well, I'm going to get started on the class samples. Wish me LOTS OF LUCK. And I do mean LOTS.

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