Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This Morning's Drunk

Last night, after I took my Lunesta to sleep, I lay my little haid down on my soft, goose down pillow and closed my eyes.

Then the dog barked. I went to rise out of bed to put her outside for a wee potty, and ended up falling back into bed, overcome by a wave a vertigo that I couldn't rise AT ALL. It was as if I were glued to the bed. And when I turned over, the whole room turned over with me. I felt like I was in a bingo basket.

There was some nausea, but not enough to make me pay homage to the porcelain god. I just lay there, terrified to move!

When morning arrived, I got up to let the dog outside, and immediately fell on my butt woke up my husband (and he's pretty surly at 4:30 am...I'm just saying...) who woke up long enough to say

"What the He** is going on? What the He** are you doing? Why the He** are you on the floor?"

I'm just sayin'...

I got up and dusted myself off, let the dog out of her pen, fired back a few responses to Mr. Surly, and started out the doorway to the kitchen and the front door where I'd let the doggie outside...

I got as far as the fact, I ran into it. Talk about things that go "bump" in the night! This one goes "bump" in the morning!

I managed to navigate the kitchen, listing a bit to the left, and recovered slightly and let the dog out. Then I returned to bed and literally fell in. I told my husband there was something definitely wrong with me.

He told me to check my sugar, which was only slightly elevated, but still not HORRIBLE. I was not in danger in that way at least. Then Dr. Surly proferred that I might be dehydrated. I did drink a lot of caffeine when I got home, but pop has never affected me that way before. I can't imagine what it was, but the feeling followed me all morning long, until I finally rose from morning slumber at 9:45. Now I feel pretty much "normal". (Well, as normal as I CAN be.) Good enough to blog about it all, at least. And the doctor has left the house to work on some pipes at his mother's, so I'm pretty much by myself, and I seem to be doing okay. Still a little bit dizzy, and wondering if I got a different sort of pill in with my Lunesta---that maybe the drug company slipped me a mickey? I suppose I shouldn't write that, but you know, something happened to me after I took that pill--it was like it was stronger than the rest of the pills I've taken in the past. I wondered if I'd accidentally taken 2, instead of the 1 I normally need to take.

Whatever it was, the effects are still there (sort of), but not so worrisome as they were last night and this morning.

Except now I have a sore butt to add to all that...imagine that?


Blogger is having issues with folks servers over on the other side of the Great Pond--I've been wondering why email isn't nearly as voluminous lately. This must be the reason. I guess something happened on November 4th that has sparked a huge drop in the amount of accessible blog sites and email--and so I am catching up reading backlogged stuff from September and October...this is a good thing.

I had to update my antivirus software this morning. Not a terribly difficult job, but now it's scanning my computer. I likely don't have any issues (other than tracking cookies, which NOBODY can avoid), and I'm very happy with that. I don't traipse about on sites that are known virus hangouts (pornography sites, warez sites and the like) and I don't do Bit Torrent, and file sharing isn't something I do. So beyond email, it's rare for me to get a virus--I do get them now and then, but usually FIND them before they find ME, and that's also a good thing.

I've been working on "frou frou" scarves lately to pad my Christmas drawer with gifts. I've done 2 so far and a third is on the needles. JoAnn's had a sale on the yarn, so I bought 6 skeins--2 each of purple, yellow and blue in eyelash yarn. This is the stuff that if you were to cut a piece off and put a bit of glue on it, you could walk around with yellow lashes on your face (if you wanted to do that sort of thing). It's a fun knit, perhaps not the WARMEST yarn in the world, and will make a nice accent for an outfit, but it feels very much like plastic shopping bags when knit up. Pretty to look at. Adds some color. But not for to keep the chilly winds off your neck. I think your own hair would do a better job.

But they are fun, and an easy "I don't have to think too much in order to complete this" sort of project, and a small dalliance between more difficult projects, like socks and shawls. Because they are so mindless, I am able to get one done easily in a day--or a couple of evenings, if I keep at it. And so I'm doing the third one in as many days--and I am now so tired of frou frou that I want to SCREAM!

Oh, I'm sorry--did you hear that?

Anyway, work at the office is caught up and today is a holiday (Veteran's Day, I guess). I see the reason for a special day, and I remember friends and family, some who passed in the war, some who came home and died later, and some who are still alive but I almost never see. I consider all those who have given their lives to help keep us free so that we enjoy the benefits of a free society, and thank you to all those who have served this country in that manner. Sincerely. I don't want to get maudlin about the whole affair, but I did want to mention, since my husband's best friend was a Merchant Marine, and veteran. Bud died about 4 years ago, and we both still miss his twinkly eyes and smile.

There is a new adventure on the horizon, and that is that Hubby's son is thinking about moving into our basement. Basement cold....upstairs only SOMETIMES warm. It doesn't seem like the best option for him right now. Every time I think about it, I hearken back to when he was in high school, and we had that fight over the broke my heart (and his dad's) when he decided to move back in with his mother, which was a completely unreasonable response (his not mine), but there was no way to work it out, and he being a teenager, of course decided that since we would not cater to his every whim--that maybe his real mommy would treat him better.

And so now he's asking (9 years later, and a grown man going to college). I'm skeptical about the entire thing. Hubby seems okay with it. I would be, except he's had a taste of "being on your own", and I remember that going to live with mom and dad after living my own life NEVER worked. I REALLY DON'T NEED MY HEART BROKEN AGAIN.

How is it that little birds return to the nest over and over like that? I've seen lots of situations where people get divorced and go live with their parents again, and it's such a horrible experience. Funny how I dreamed about a little birie last night. Strange even. I suppose both are tied together--I should pull a card on it...

So I do
9 of cups, entitled "Stability"

Well, that's a good sign. I see this as a good thing perhaps--especially or hubby--since he really has no idea what to do with himself over these last months, and has been at odds over it--maybe having his son there, available to chat during the day when he gets bored and lonely, while I'm away at the office, will afford our family unit the stability it sometimes lacks with hubby's moods. I think that's how I'm going to read it, anyway. If I can just keep my nose out of it, maybe it will work out for the two of them. Who knows?

Well, it's time I got after the task of cleaning the kitchen. It's been on my task list for a while now. Everyone have a nice holiday (if you have one), and if you don't have one, please remember our servicemen and women in Afghanistan and other places around the world. Thanks!

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