Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nervous? ME?

Not me.
Okay, maybe me.

Today, I'm supposed to interview for the Sock Knitting Teacher position at JoAnn's. I am wearing my comfortable clothing--read that Jeans and Sweater--but the sweater is made out of the big ball of Rainbow Boucle Swing Sweater from Berroco's free pattern website. I'm wearing his sweater because the yarn is SOLD at JoAnn's. I'm hoping it will cinch the deal, and I'll get to teach some sock knitting!

But Miss Kitty (AKA Sherise) wants to jump in my lap, and I just can't afford to get cat hair all over me before an interview. It will be NICE to be able to GET the job--but if I don't get it, I won't cry.


So I'm fretting and stewing a bit--even though I turned the 10 of cups last night. Entitled "Reward" the lower edge had flowers between he rocks of all different colors, and looked like my floral sox--and there was green and blue and white in the card, and yellow...

So I stuffed one of every sock I've ever made into a plastic grocery bag for review by the interviewer. I did not, however, add my purple flurp socks, as they have worn heels and need to be darned.

Darn it.

It's okay. I have a little extra Cherry Tree Hill left in that purple colorway, and I will fix them soon.

In the meanwhile, I expect that if my dress doesn't impress, my socks SHOULD, and that might put me over the top. I hope.

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