Thursday, November 12, 2009

Feeling Much Better

I am thinking that there was a buildup of Lunesta in my system. I didn't take any last night, slept pretty decently, and got up this morning with no issues (except a hot flash). I also loaded up with bottled water yesterday, and I'll do the same today, rather than drink too much Diet cola. Hubby is right again--I might have been dehydrated.

In the meanwhile, I finished half of another frou frou and started on the other half. This one is my favorite color (blue) and I really like it. This one might not go into my Christmas Gift Drawer, and be an accent to my own wardrobe--then again, perhaps not. It's very likely that I'll be able to get more of this stuff down the road after Christmas.

I had this crazy dream--working in close quarters with these two women who just didn't "get" me, but they were extremely rude anyway--talking about me and my family in the most derogatory terms with each other to the point where I had to complain to my boss, and when SHE didn't listen, I took to writing about them--in fact, I wrote a book where they were the two main characters, and they got in an accident with a semi truck and were both killed instantly.

Well, just saying...

But the dream started out with the semi accident, and ended up with me writing the book, so the "timeline" was all crazy. It was almost like one of Allison Dubois' dreams--because hubby noticed the other night that all her dreams happen in "the past"--she's never able to prevent someone getting killed. Like she says "It doesn't work like that." She gets "feelings" about things that have already happened. Well, quite honestly, so does the seasoned detective! The sleeping brain is a wonderful thing. It puts things together in "sleep state" that you might never have thought of or considered before. I have "psychic" dreams at night, too--especially those where you've misplaced something, and in your dream, you find it. The next morning, you go to that place, and Voila! There it is! Well, your BRAIN always knew when you put it there and why, and simply reminds you when you're in a relaxed state. When you're awake and stressed because you need it, the stress depresses the chemical that assists you in accessing that part of your brain that remembers things.

Do I believe in Allison Dubois? Do I think she might have a "gift"? Well, if she doesn't, she's getting very sick and delusional! Not a good combination in my book. However, I think it would be interesting to meet her and swap stories.

Well, it's getting to be time to take off for the office. I hope that I can keep myself busy today.

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