Saturday, November 21, 2009

It Couldn't Have Worked Out Better!

Have you ever determined that you were going to accomplish certain things only to find out after the plan that things weren't going to go according to Hoyle?

**special note: phrase "According to Hoyle" is a reference to Hoyle's Book of Rules for Card Games...therefore "according to Hoyle means that things just aren't playing the game by the get the picture....right?

Anyway, today, I have a plan.
I have no idea if the plan will work, but I'm going to attempt it anyway.
I am going to tackle the basement.
I am working up the ambition.
I have cleaned my kitchen, checked the bathroom and cleaned what needed to be-done.
I stared laundry.

All these things on my to do list.

Next, at noon, I leave to get groceries. Now groceries for our house is no "run to the store and buy" sort of endeavor. It's a "make a list, check it twice, then go to 3-5 stores to get everything" sort of endeavor.

Hmm...I still have to get to that basement.

And somewhere in there is an update to my blog (this one). And I'm perfectly okay with pre-empting groceries and basement for blogging. Of course, then later on, I have my Knitting 101 class, and somewhere in there, I have to shower and things like that--check my pocketbook and buy yarn (since I'll be in the store anyway--not that I need yarn, mind you, but just the fact that it seems to call to me from the shelf--"buy me! Buy Me! BUY ME!" And if I don't listen to that initial call, the sound just sort of burns in my brain and causes all sorts of trouble later on down the road, with impulse purchases...if I just buy one skein of SOMETHING to snuggle and feel, I can usually get away with returning it to the shelf and then RUN NOT WALK out of the store just as fast as I can without going through withdrawal.

And let me tell you. Withdrawal is a painful process. Any true knitter will tell you. The ones who deny it are, denial or lying to you. Better check the freezer.


Because that is one of the places a yarnaholic will hide their newest purchases--oh, and watch for additions to your wine collection. Knitters are very often seen with wine--for those times when a project doesn't come together as it should--or for that first steek. Yes, I am aware.

And so, off to unload laundry and get back to the basement.

Wait..wait..hubby is out of bed and dressed, but is he prepared for the amount of work I plan to do in the next hour or so?


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