Monday, November 2, 2009

Teaching R Us...

I'm teaching a friend of mine in California how to knit a la magic loop over the (get this) INTERNET. Yes, I'm teaching someone, using Yahoo! Messenger, the techniques involved to begin knitting socks. Right now, I have her learning how to push and pull the needles to work circularly by knitting a simple hat. When she gets the technique down, I'll have her do a cast on and practice knitting from the cast on--I find them very fiddly with magic loop--so when I started, I asked her to begin with straight needles, to give the work a little "hang weight", then to put the article on the "loop", and taught her the technique. She tells me she's going along famously, and so--for my next trick...I'm going to teach her knitting from the cast on for magic loop, and have her start ONE MITTEN. Then she can knit up the second. And the learning goes on from there to "Two socks on One Circular", but I don't want to scare her into submission, because I know she reads my blog.

I think it's just fantastic that I can live in Michigan, she can live in California, and I can still teach her to knit socks using magic loop. I just thing it's amazing!

I'm also thinking about getting a webcam--so that we can webernet--or video chat. That might be interesting. I wonder how much one of those costs? I might stop at Best Buy and check them out.

In the meanwhile. I have to prepare for another class!

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