Friday, July 31, 2009

Blocking the Second Half

I'm blocking the second half of the scarf. I'll allow it to dry overnight--and tomorrow I will kitchner the two halves together.

I'm not going to Detroit. I contacted Ray to let him know tonight--he was very disappointed. I can't help that--but he's no more disappointed than me! There is nothing saying I won't end up in the emergency room before it's all over.

Next project I'm thinking socks. I have a book coming with a circular shawl that's going on the needles as soon as the book arrives. Which could be tomorrow. I have the yarn in a box in my sewing room. It's a light blue Jaggerspun Zephyr. The shawl is Balmoral. It's a circular shawl with thistles on it. But socks are definitely something that I would like to do.

So it's the weekend. Big deal!


My scarf is nearly done--just 36 rows left before kitchner and blocking--should only take another hour or so. I'll take a pic, but since Flickr isn't working--I will have to wait until my computer is back up OR upload it and then post on Monday--

You see, the plan was to go to work today. God knows I have a ton of work to do. I'm not able to fiddle in Ravelry on my cellie--who can see all those itty bitty pictures!

Ah, complain complain. If I didn't hurt so bad I likely wouldn't feel so gloomy--and it's not SEVERE pain, but this nagging stitch in my abdomen that won't go away. I bet if I ran to McDonald's I would make it worse--which means I should figure out something low fat, low carb for lunch here at the house. The sad part is that I crave those french fries!

And I'm ticked off because this probably means that I'm not going to the highland games tomorrow--but if the pain doesn't go away, I will have to remain at home. It wouldn't do to rupture my intestines 100 miles from home--especially with all the greasy food I would have to eat while there. Oh, I should contact Ray and tell him, but I'm hoping the discomfort will abate.

I think I might have an antibiotic in the cupboard--maybe I'll take it and see if it helps? If nothing else, psycho-somatically?

Anywho--more later when I've got the scarf blocking.

Serious Pains

If you have ever lain awake most of the night with pain from an inflamation in your belly--well then I guess you know what's going on with me. The stress from the last several days has really done a number on my constitution, and I am extremely uncomfortable I have to decompress--so I believe I will stay home today, if only to make sure that I don't put myself in the hospital--especially the day before the Detroit St. Andrews games!

The plan was to go and spin and knit--but I'm not sure I'll be up to it. I don't feel awful--like I did last time when I actually had an infection and fever--but it's aggrevated by stress, and goodness knows I've had just a bit of that this week, don't you think?

Still no change on the Flickr situation. I've even tried to use the blogging option that's resident on Flickr--but I don't believe it's fully operational yet--or at worst--doesn't work with my phone at all. At best the site is having difficulty, but I'm not getting errors. Still, it seems I'm getting the same page every click, and I can't click on my pics there at all now. It's probably operator error--um, that would be ME.

So I think today will be spent relaxing in my chair and knitting. I am so close to finishing the scarf!

And, to leave off with a happy note--my weight is down to 191.5#. This is exciting news because I was "stuck" at 198 for what seems like forever! It's not like I'm working hard to lose weight, but I definitely could stand to lose a few--I'd prefer to lose this tummy paunch--but well you may know how that goes--first the boobs get smaller, then your face--last to go is your butt--and that one takes a ton of exercise!

Well, going back to sleep now. Things are starting to settle down now that I've decided to have a stress-free day. Ya'll have a good day.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Unending FUN (sic)

Well, I ordered a drive online for $66 with free shipping. It will be here in a week.

I finally got an email from hubby's friend who gave me the same web address as I ordered from, so I'm all set.

Hubby wants to buy a different router for our machines. I'm considering bringing my old computer upstairs, formatting the drives, reloading mich of the software and using it to run a server. This whole process is starting to sound like one major headache

Er, undertaking...

I've been working like mad on my scarf--it's turning out really nicely. I had a pic uploaded to Flickr, but due to issues (see below), the pic will just have to wait until tomorrow! BAH!.

I've got just 2 repeats of pattern D and 3 repeats of pattern E then 12 rows of knit/purl for 112 rows. I knit 6 this morning in 1/2 hour waiting for 6:30 am to roll around. Then off to the office.

I just downloaded Flickr's photo uploader to my cellie. This will make things easier! Of course I still have to download the address and copy to my notes here--and there is no photo editing software on it. So I have to keep looking.

Well I've gone and done something on Flickr and now I can't get the link for my pictures. I've been fiddling with it all day--I can't for the life of me figure out what I've done wrong.

It doesn't help that I am stressed and that my diverticulitis seems to be flaring up. And I'm HOT. My mood sucks right now. I feel bloaty and ornery--as if should someone sneak up behind I would take off their head at the knees!

I managed to get section D done on my scarf, with section E yet to do--which is 72 rows, then just 12 rows of stockinette and I can kitchener.

In the meantime, I will keep trying on Flickr--even though I can't figure out what the devil's gone wrong--maybe some kind soul can give me a hand here?

Tarot and Computers

Today's card is the 9 of swords--also called the Nightmare Card--in this deck

9 of Swords

It's called Suffering in Silence.

She sits alone on the mountaintop waiting for her fears--are those dragons coming to eat her? And only a staff to ward them off! The suffering appears self-imposed however--as the mountaintop has stairs cut into the rock! Still, she waits for the end that must come--and hopefully soon!

This card drawn perhaps because of issues with my hubby--and my computer. He feels that I spent too much on my new hard drive and spent an entire day hunting down something cheaper--

Now this is saying something. Compared to me the man is impossibly inept at internet--and I am only PASSABLE so spending the entire day looking for a better deal on the internet really *IS* the entire day. Poor guy came home with stress written all over his face--and discouragement and a feeling of "I don't know how much more of this I can stand!" in his body language. All spent on me! I feel like a queen suddenly!

The bad side of this is that now I'm going to have to return the drive that I bought at Best Buy--and even though it hasn't been opened--im worried that they might charge me to do so. If they do, I'll have to use it and eat the $30 extra that it cost. I'm almost afraid to call!

Beyond that, I'm not entirely sure that it's the right sort of drive--being that I know nothing about laptop drives. Even as advanced an operator I am, I still marvel at how astute my guru is--taking it apart and putting it back together again. Were I to try it, I would likely never get it back together!

And that would never do--no matter how adventurous I might believe myself to be--the parts are just too small. I would lose a screw and then pull my hair out worried that the cat ate it!

So I stop myself before I even start. Could I have done it years ago? YES--because I could SEE then.

Therefore, I will attempt to return the 320 gig I bought 2 days ago and order a smaller drive online. Then hope that it's the right one for when my guru arrives.

Add to this the fact that my machine will run so much faster because there will be next to nothing on it--Firefox, Eudora, MS Office, Photoshop, the software for my Blackberry and camera, the router and printer and the USB hub. I'd like to get my hands on Adobe Acrobat so that I can edit out some stuff in the pdf files that I have that make them impossibly large, but that may be a while in obtaining, considering the last time I looked it was over $80. I'll have to look into it--it would be a nice piece of software to have. And it would be nice to have a large external drive, too. Cds get scratched and then won't read anymore-and old diskettes are an even less reliable resource. Zippies are small and make good cat toys (grrr). Then, if you acquire a bunch of them, you have to look at every one to find the file you want and wade through hundreds of file names--unless you are astute enough to keep a log of the files in a neat folder with the directory tree. Which is like reading a very boring book that has nothing but a table of contents and an index with no plot or action in it!

Do you get the idea that I'm not well organized? Maybe that's something I can work on.

Do you have any idea how much it bugs me when the computer at the office is so slow as to be

"I could hand-write this entire file in the time it takes to move to the information screen I need!"

Now *THAT* is freakin' slow!

Just called Best Buy--they're not yet open. I dread calling! So it was a relief almost when the voicemail said "We are currently closed." But they will be open soon enough!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This n That

Going home now and walking to my car. I miss my computer. It is a very good thing that I can compose stuff offline--upload a picture to Flickr and then paste the url in here. It's more tedious--but the last step is a simple copy/paste operation that works like a charm. So my blogging days are not over!

Also, I think that I can actually plug the Blackberry in to my husband's machine and use the broadband, but I worry that it will eat up my minutes? I will have to call Verizon to find out!

Meanwhile, even though I got no knitting done today, I will likely do some tonight as I have two or three projects going--a lace scarf, a lace shawl, and a pair of socks--none of which is at picture ready...even though I do have some pics of progress on the lace--it's only just the beginning, so not to worry. Pics are forthcoming--perhaps by the weekend because it is going to be a busy one!

So when I got home, I found that hubby had left for his mother's to work on the internet--so I am on my own thjis evening. I finally got to watch the rest of Australia--a movie from the dvd store, and sat down and knitted on my scarf--I believe its time for a pic of the first half, as I will have this done by the weekend!


I'm off to work now--more later, as I dreamed last night about my father in law!

I don't usually dream about my father-in-law. In fact, he has only visited me twice before. Once just after he died to say goodbyei--although he really didn't say it--and once to tell me that Jeff wasn't going to leave me--at a particularly worriesome time, and this time, which was all so very strange because I was living in a trailer, and he lived in a house. This was even stranger because we were talking as if we were almost boyfriend/girlfriend--or at least close--and I wanted to live with him at his house--to which he said it wouldn't work. Add to this confusion the fact thathis grandson looks EXACTLY like him, though he will never admit to that--well you've got a possible dream that could someday come to pass--of course I'd have to live to be at least 120 to see Jeff's son look like his father!

Aren't dreams funny? And aren't dreams strange?

Did you realize that it is nearly August?

And check out Wendy Knit's new shawl! Boy, would I like to knit that! But there are too many shawls in the world to be able to knit them all--and me, suddenly on this lace kick--who knew I would like it so much?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Two of Cups Reversed


Entitled "spiritual union" which is pretty much what I've been long for nearly all of my life, but it continues to elude me. So reversed doesn't surprise me.

Reversed, the participants are discouraged and unhappy staring into each others eyes as if to ask "WHY isn't it YOU?"

Having spent most of my life seeking the impossible to find, it finally dawns on me that in some cultures, the places I have been could have been bad Karma from a previous lifetime.

I figure I must have been a horrible person to have to suffer so much to take care of somebody else's misdeeds when I can't even know what they were!

Well poppycock and horseradish is all I have to say about that. But pictures are sometimes worth a thousand words!


Well, I don't especially have a great fondness for Windows--either for cleaning, or for software, but they work great on a car...

Until it cracks and you can no longer view the oncoming traffic--at that point, it's time for a replacement. Which is exactly what I did.

Here's the technician taking out the window--he has specialized tools to help him remove the tar from the underside of the window that glues the window to the car. It took quite a lot of force for this young man to gain progress on the removal.


From there the window lifted right off!


Resetting the window was a breeze, with a similar pic, but first he had to put on a new sealer. He accomplished this with a caulk gun and a tube of window sealant. He laid a bead of this material in a sort of triangular fashion so thean it stood right up like icing on a cake. I thought he did a very clean and professional job, and I had hoped to get a closer pic, but this was all I could get--


Then he replaced the broken glass with a brand new windshield! I can see out this one!





Along with my poor computer!


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Hello Again

Still no big puter--which means no pictures. I know. You hate blogs with no pictures--it's like bran cereal without fruit. Paper with no writing instrument or creative folding techniques. A day without sunshine.

I miss my notebook! A little more whine with that?

What is odd is that I have pics on my Blackberry, if only I could figure out how to upload them to the blog through my Blackberry! Perhaps I could look it up?

In the meanwhile, Spin night was last night and did we ever have a good time! Every other Monday night us hens get together to show off our fibery creations and spin or knit--commentary on whatever animal happens to pass by--inside or out--and of course a long tirade of man bashing. We used to have that toned down when one of our members was male, but since he died, all bets are pretty much off!

Two of our members are divorcing--a situation I find uncomfortable. Soon there will be only two of us still married. The other person will be taking care of an alzheimer's patient for the rest of his life, and I will end up with a man who will likely end up in a mental hospital--if such things exist anymore by the time it happens. In short, she and I are both concerned about our men and their future life expectancy--as we watch our friends obtain their freedom to decide what they want to do and when. Not that I'm jealous or hoping for my own freedom! Oh heck no! I hate being alone MORE than being with somebody else--but I dislike the hurt that's required in order to grow together and change with the tides too--of friendships and loves alike.

But being alone with nobody? I have to say I would rather die first.

So now, I'm going to see if there's a way to upload pics from the Blackberry. I'll see you tmro!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Just When I Needed You Most!

Posting from my Blackberry again today because, horrors of horrors, my laptop died this morning!

The laptop that runs the server. The laptop that runs the internet! The laptop that holds the last two or three years of my life!

I think the disk drive bit the dust--things have been running pretty shoddy and slowly--and the machine downloaded an update this morning that caused a crash (can you say blue screen of death? I knew you could!)

In any case, it won't reboot--and can't find the operating system. I'm in big trouble. It's a Sunday and my guru is in church--I suspect it's a good place for an agnostic, but seems like he's busy just when I need him most! So I am waiting for church to let out and I'll call him again. I hate to wait--he's in Lansing right now--it would be easier to get him over here today--he lives quite a ways from me.

So until further notice, I'll be posting from the handheld!

Friday, July 24, 2009

What to DO?

Having finished the fingerless gloves for my son, I realized that I needed something else to occupy my time until autumn arrives when I can work my Philosopher's wool fair isle sweater--certainly I can't be expected to have all that wool in my lap mid-end of summer! As the French would say--Pas du tout!

So I decided to do a bit of testing with yarn left over from the Civil War shawl and some beads left over from a hat from Grumperina's website--and I'm working on a scarf called "Snowflake" from one of the Ravelry forums. I started the shawl, believing I knew what yo(b) meant--turns out to be a yarn over with a bead--which is NOT what I did--but instead did a wrap in the opposite direction--which created a normal increase on the right side of the fabric when I purled the following row.

This was one of those AHA!-type moments--a different way to increase on a triangular shawl without leaving a hole--interesting!

Still since I was unaware for most of the scarf that it was a standard yarn over with a bead, not only do I have fewer beads, I also have not so standard "snowflakes"--which I am hoping that the non-conformity will look twice as good as anyone else's but individual enough to be mine--and since I didn't want so many beads on MY scarf,well, let's just say that while the revelation initially concerned me, I am no longer worried about it. I'm quite happy with fewer beads! Sometimes, less really IS more!

In the meanwhile, a friend and I are working feverishly on a triangular shawl--she apparently more feverishly than I--lace being quite easy is oft taken for granted--a missed yarn over here--one too many there--and since I had the Civil War shawl under my belt, well this triangular shawl has so far been a piece of cake--a walk in the park--a breath of fresh air--at least for moi. My friend, however, has not been having the same experience as me, and since she lives half a continent away, it's difficult to just drop by and take a peek at what's happened so far and show her what to do to fix matters.

Enter in the Blackberry! To the rescue!

I take videos and send them to her. I chat with her about it daily. She has ripped it back to the lifeline--well enough times that I finally scanned the instructions to fixing the missed (or extra) yarn over--and now, she is speeding right along--of course without me--as I am on the road at the moment keeping scintillating conversation going while my husband does his errands and I pick up a few things from the grocery store.

So while I did bring along a pair of socks to knit on--well, I'm just not knitting. I'm riding in the car and I'm not knitting. Horrors!

I have yet to knit a cozy for my Blackberry--I was thinking something light blue with a green leaf and a blackberry embroidered upon it--and a sagging thin branch. The berry done in french knots and the leaf in satin stitch? The prospect sounds pretty neat to me! At least in my mind's eye anyway.

And that will be my next new "creation". Where might I find the proper yarn and then find the cash to buy it?

The world may never know.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another pair of gloves! Matches!

I'm creating.

Funny how thing go when you're creating.

The sky seems bluer.
The air seems lighter.
The sun seems to shine more...

So I'm creating a new glove--really similar to the last glove really, except that I am merging the glove pattern itself, not with the piano chart, but with a fire chart that I found on Ravelry--and I'm doing the glove in Red and Black, instead of black and white. I'm downloading the files from my camera phone now...

I took progress pics all throughout the construction. I made some modifications to the original piano key pattern--instead of stockinette throughout, I finished off with a few rows of ribbing to help the top lie flatter. Instead of a stripe on the thumb, I worked it solid black, then duplicate stitched a little red flame on the thumb.

The only thing I don't like about it, is that the beginning and ending of the glove are THINNER, because it's just one thickness of yarn--except where the pattern is--and I'm not sure that I like that part, so if I make another pair for myself, I will carry a second stand along the back--just so that it will be thicker, although I'm not yet certain how I will accomplish without making the entire pattern seem puckered...

So I'm still thinking about it.

The beginning was simple enough, starting with 60 sts. K1, p1 around 1 row, then add the red, and k1, p1 around in corrugated ribbing.


Then I dropped the red for a bit, and k1, p1 for 1 row in just black--then I purled 3 rows for the bump. On the first row, I increased a stitch every sixth stitch, giving me 70 stitches, then on the next row, I increased 2 more stitches, for a total of 72 stitches around. Here, I think that I could pare down the # of stitches to perhaps 65-on ME the pattern seems to bulge a bit--I think it will be fine for my son though, for whom the gloves are being knit.

I purled one plain row, then I knit one row.

I dropped black, and knit 10 rows even in red.


The pattern is here

--aside--I had to print the chart on a black and white printer--then I had to color in how I wanted the flames to be--which was slightly different than what was on the chart--basically, instead of a 3 color pattern, I turned it into a two color pattern.

Then I started the pattern, while at the same time, I increased for the thumb gusset. I worked the thumb gusset all in black, carrying the red behind.


Once I finished the gusset stitches, I put the thumb stitches on a holder, and continued in the round on the hand until the pattern was finished, then I worked in black only for about 10 rounds, and finished off with 3 rows of 1 x 1 ribbing.

I then picked up the thumb stitches and knit around to the desired length (about 7 rounds), and bound off in k1, p1--I decreased 2 stitches on the round to snug up the thumb and keep it from rolling.

Then I duplicate stitched a little flame on the thumb in the center.

Final result:

I'm going to call them "Matches!"

What do you think?

Friday, July 17, 2009

I am SO GLAD it's Friday!

I am so glad it's Friday! I'm so freaking bleary eyed! I have to go to work, while my hubby gets to stay home and sleep. He's retired.

He did try a new job, but didn't like it and quit before he really started, and so he's back to being stressed about being retired again.

I don't understand that behavior. I mean, when I'm retired, I'll have lots of things to occupy MY time--no freaking way am I going to stress out over being bored!

I mean, working on my sewing room ALONE would take me over a MONTH! But as soon as I got it done, I'd have to get it messed up again.

I'm just so tired this morning. Why can't I be retired, too?

Back to knitterly things--

I finished my gloves of course, you knew that. But I started a scarf. The next installment for testing isn't out yet. So I started a pair of gloves for my son. I like them so well so far, that I think I'll make another pair for me--because they are turning out so darn cool!

I'm using the same pattern, essentially for the shape of the fingerless glove I used before, but instead of the piano keys, I filched a graph for tongues of fire, and I'm knitting those around the hand. The look is going to be pretty spectacular, and I'm taking pictures every so often so that I can show you when I'm done. You're really going to like this pair!

Well, it is Friday (thank goodness), and I only have one more day to drag my slow moving bottom to the office, and then I get two days off for good behavior. I'm so ready for the weekend!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

They are Complete!

Am I going to show you a pic of one glove? Yes.
Am I going to show you a pic of two gloves? Yes.

And in another post, I perhaps may show you another pair, but for now, I only have one pair, but they are BEAUTIFUL. They turned out beautiful. I love love LOVE them!

I wore them to bed!
I wore them to eat breakfast.
I wore them to type this blog. Yes, they work GREAT!

I showed the first one to my son, who exclaimed them to be freaking HOT (which is good, isn't it?) and he wants a pair. So I will make a pair for him in RED/BLACK. They will look groovy (my generation, ok?)

So while it rains cats and dogs, I am downloading the pictures to the computer, which sometimes takes a while because the software is so freaking slow! I'll also put them on Ravelry. I can't believe how easy they were to make!

And the pair for my son can be done in as little as a WEEK! So I'm pretty excited about starting those. Sadly, I have a different project that I need to accomplish first--it's just a test knit scarf, but it sounds pretty cool. I have to figure out what to make it out of--I was considering kid seta, but I think it will be too light, even with a beaded fringe. But then I remembered...

I have this

Which is really intended for a shawl--but you never know--Maybe I can buy more. Maybe.

NAH! Good excuse to go to the LYS! And I believe I know just what to buy.

MORE Yarn!

See you soon!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Last Day of the Holiday

Well, today is the last day of the holiday (unpaid) that my employer allotted for the time period, and while it's been nice, it sure could have been longer.

I am finished with one of the fingerless gloves--very nice pattern--a tad fiddly with the double points (which I detest), but the end result was worth it. The piece is blocking on the kitchen counter. Pics to follow.

Ace of PentaclesImage by Eric Schwartz via Flickr

Today is also my 9th anniversary. I pull a card--what do I draw? The Ace of Pentacles. Entitled Abundance in my deck, it signifies a day where there is lots of something--usually money--to go around. However, a quick glance at my checkbook says

Nuh uh!

So it must be something else...

Time to play? OH BOY! But probably more like "work to be done". Today, I really need to scour out a large plastic container and prep it for holding blankets in the closet. It's a task I do not look forward to, because I have to do it outside, and the mosquitoes are big enough to carry you away! And there are lots of them, as well! Since I really hate the sound of buzzing in my ears, I have a feeling that the job is going to languish on the honey-do list for some time!

Plus, I have the other glove to do.

But everyone is feeling pretty lazy today. Hubby is in his office playing chess. I'm writing. The dog is lounging in the bay window. One cat is asleep on the table, and the other is napping atop the television set. The snakes are hiding and asleep--digesting the dinner from the other night. So everyone is pretty much taking some time off.

Well, I suppose I'll haul that container out and get it done. Maybe I'll find money in it? Or maybe coins will flow out of the garden hose? Doubtful. Seriously doubtful.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Knitting Has Ended!

For the Swing Sweater, that is...

Check out the pic!

See how cool the sleeves blend in with the front! I was SO PLEASED to see this, because it was QUITE BY ACCIDENT!

New project, Etude from Ravelry. I started knitting last night and I couldn't put it down!

The pattern has a repeat, but it starts on Row 5, instead of row 1, which makes it a bit trickier than most fair isle patterns.

It's a standard corrugated rib cuff with 3 purl rows to make that little ridge where it meets the hand. At this time, I decided to increase to 72 stitches from my original 60, because I was concerned that the item, while it fit "like a glove" at the wrist, it wouldn't fit well once I moved into my hand.

Here's the cuff finished, you can see what I mean already by my thought that I won't have enough space for my hand when I get there.

But it's already looking really sharp, huh?

And here, I am, 10 rows into the pattern, ready to start putting in my thumb gusset. You see that first stitch? Well, just before that stitch, I'm going to pick up and knit a black one, knit the white one and then pick up and knit another black one, between the stitches in the ladder. This is called a "Make 1", and it can be made to "lean" either left or right depending on HOW you pick up the ladder, and which direction you knit it--which will twist the stitch and make it so that the stitch doesn't make any unsightly holes. We can't have holes in our gloves, right?

And the fact that these are made with Philosopher's Wool techniques, means that they will be warmer than just the standard gloves, which is a must in our neck of the woods! And believe it or not, I think it's going to snow tomorrow--when I got up thisi morning it was actually cold on the 4th of July!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Waking Up

Nightmare Before Christmas setImage by grebo guru via Flickr

On the first day of my 4-day holiday, my true love gave to me...a nightmare that scared to nth degree!

It's true too...I woke up at 5:30, as I usually do, but fell back asleep in moments because I was SO TIRED, Tired of playing the game, ain't it a crying shame, that I'm so tired....?

And when I was coming out of the extra catnap, I dreamed that I got up and walked to the bathroom, and that there was a man I didn't know standing in the hallway on the way to the bedroom. I ran back to the bedroom and crawled back into bed, hoping it would go away, but it came in and fell crossways over the bed.

I think it was dead. I remember screaming, but it didn't help. And then, the dream was over.

And another one started...this one about gangsters and a husband who didn't treat me right.

And then I woke up and got out of bed.

Of course, the night before, as I was falling asleep, I saw someone push a small toddler, who then slammed into the corner of a doorway, and dropped--either dead or just out like a light, I have no idea, but I knew in my heart that it was my Ex's latest wife's kid. It was a short vision, and frightening. I tend to pay attention to those.

A Rose-breasted Grosbeak (Pheucticus ludovicia...Image via Wikipedia

The groesbeaks have come back to the feeder. These are gorgeous birds, both coming and going. Even the female, while she is nearly all brown, is still a good-looking bird with a fascinating white eye strip that just grabs you. She is pretty in her own right. Flying away, they both have similar barred wings-his are black and white, her's are brown and white, both are spectacular. The young are nearly grown now, and the male was feeding one of his youngsters at the feeder the other day, teaching him where and how to find food. The baby was almost as big as a female, and twittered the entire time.

I am nearly done with the swing sweater. I tried it on yesterday, started the cowl neck yesterday, and I've got nearly 10" of cowl there. When I get to 10", I'll bind off, block and wear it. Since it's supposed to get back into the 80's this weekend, it might not be sweater weather (gee, ya think?)..but I can at least try it on, and take a pic for my blog. Sometime today, perhaps, but hubby wants me to clean out my side of the bedroom closet, which could take me a while today--you should see HIS side, though.

He got rid of a bunch of shirts (which are going to my son) and a fair number of pants that will likely never fit him again (like the ones he wore to his FIRST marriage)--those will perhaps go to Goodwill. But my side? Sigh...give me a moment to get my camera...because you won't believe it unless you see it. I really need some more closet storage--what I have isn't nearly enough! This is MY side--see the clutter? I have to clear all of that out while hubby mows lawn, because there are things in there that husband's simply shouldn't see. They will go down to my sewing/spinning/knitting studio to be sorted through later. A lot of the clutter here is blankets--stuff we use in the winter, and sometimes in the cooler days of spring and fall--even sometimes when the air conditioner works a little TOO well, just to keep the chill off. I need more closet space--either get rid of some of the clothing that doesn't fit me anymore, or put it away in a vacuum bag until it does.

Speaking of which, I am still losing weight. I am down to a svelte 197 from 234, and I feel much better! I'm not yet fitting into my skinny clothes--I have 60 pounds to go yet. I haven't quit on my eating patterns, and once in a goodly while I will eat a little something dangerous at McDonald's.

Well, I have several things I want to accomplish, so I am going to sign off for now. I hope your day is a blessed one.