Thursday, October 14, 2010


Which stands for "Big Bang Theory". It's a show about a young, genius man, Sheldon, who teaches at the local university, and lives with another young, genius man who also teaches, but the two of them are on opposite sides of the theoretical coin. They have two genius friends, one is of Indian descent, the other is of Jewish descent, and both are rather what some might call "geeks".

They are all friends with the girl next door, Penny, who is entirely female and nowhere near the IQ level as the men--however she has the experience level from a social standpoint that none of them have, and so all of them go to her at one point or the other to get advice on dating, etc.

Sheldon doesn't drive because it's too dangerous, and he wants to live forever. He has tried several times to create a facsimile of himself a la robot, always failing, but the activities that just don't work out are what makes the show quite humorous.

So after my class tonight (Socks, part 2) I am coming home to watch this show. After that, I will likely watch another and then go to bed. I've been staying up later the last couple of nights, trying to keep my mind off Rhiannon, since I really can't work on it when I'm stressed, and today intends to be a busy day.

I did, however, finally finish the cds for the women who are retiring, and an extra one for the manager of the office who will be leaving at some point--then there's the main manager, and I'm pretty sure she's going to be leaving soon, too. Trouble is, she's a lot like me, in that she'll leave, not letting anyone else know--doesn't want a party or a fuss--just wants to go and be done with it. I can understand that mentality, but others in the office are of the type that will miss their co-worker--so the party sort of gives a bit of closure--rather like someone dying, or divorce. We try to keep the parties we have for the retirees happy, fun occasions, and most of the time, we are successful at that. The Cd is a cool reminder of all the fun times we've had, and it might be a good idea to take pictures of all of our "fun times" for future retirees.

Of course, I'll be there for the next 8 years or so, and my memory cd will have a fair amount of pictures on it if I start keeping track of all these fun times. Heck, it might even run over into two cds!

Knitting-wise, I need to get a heel and a toe made, then I can run to the class and show the "how to do it", which of course, will be forgotten by the time the students get to that point. Most people are busy and don't have time to knit like I do, and probably don't really have the time to "please get to 'this point' before you take class 2" knitting. Then when they ARE there, the class has been dropped and they won't remember how to do that part. There are some tricky things to making socks--especially on double pointed needles, and the first tricky thing is the cast on. Then the heel and the toe. Everything else is knit. Around and around and around--endlessly. But at the end, you have a sock. Then you start the second.

And that, friends, is why I am doing two socks on double pointed needles. Just to see if I can do it, for one, but so that I don't have to keep track of how many rows to knit for this part and that part, and also so that at the end, I have two socks--ready to wear. For busy folks like me, it's the only way to knit socks. I prefer Magic Loop, but I am trying to do one sock inside the other this time, and let me tell you--it is challenging!!! And as I've said before, I love a challenge.

Rhiannon be hanged until Friday! I'm going to work on these socks for a while.

Everyone have a good day, and I'll see you again soon!

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