Friday, October 29, 2010

It Was the Best of Times...

Sadly, over, much too soon.

Hubby returned home from work last night to tell me he'd gotten a raise. Now, that woke me up! So soon? Not that you don't deserve it, but what did you do to get it?

"I switched to the Midnight shift."

I'm sorry. Was that groan AUDIBLE?

This is a disappointment WAY off the charts. Not only do I have to come home and make supper every night again, but he's home all evening until he leaves for work, and usually in a surly mood because he has to GO to work (I'm that way in the morning, so it stands to reason, really.). Which means less time in the knitting chair!

The only good thing about it is that I get the bed all to myself, all week. The covers are ALL MINE. And then get no sleep at all on the weekend.

I won't explain that to you. If you don't know why, ask your mommy.

Not just that, but I get sort of scared home alone at night. It was the reason for buying a dog. Dog sounds the alarm, and I slip out the back window--but that's only if I get enough of an alarm. Mandy tends to be a heavier sleeper than *I* am!

And to make this completely unselfish, (ha! right!) he can't drive in the dark. He falls asleep at the wheel. So everyone

OFF THE ROAD from 9pm to midnight and 4am to 6am so that he can drive on the road uncontested.

Of course, there's always the deer he can't see, and the ditches that he finds when he nods off. (sigh) This was the reason we got him into a carpool. The option worked really well, too, until they kicked him out of his job. I guess that the carpool is still running people back and forth.

Naturally, I tried to be supportive. Yay! A raise! Cool! You're the most!

Until he tells me it's midnights. That was sort of a downer. Never mind that now he can take two of his classes and only has to drop one. Makes for a long day and night of 24 hour wakefulness. Remember--stay off the road.

So I bought pizza tonight, and he tells me that he's only going to buy pizza OR take me to Denny's, but not both. This is another piece of hard cheese. So tonight, when I brought the pizza home, I then ate mine, called his step son for his, and put the rest in the oven for when hubby returns from his shift. Then I went into the bedroom closet and put clothing away. Hang ups that were lying on the floor from sometime this summer, and got things organized a little bit in there, so that we can put the air conditioner away. Yes, friends. It's October, and the air conditioner was still in the window. When Step son came to eat, I asked if he might assist with the air conditioner, and he helped put it away in the closet, and then I locked up the window.

But instead of getting warmer in here, it's getting cooler. I think I'm going to go around and lock down all the windows now.

Before snow flies.

All this, on perhaps 5 hours of sleep last night. I'm exhausted. Burning off fumes from the gas tank of wakefulness. If I should begin typing b's and v's, you know I've fallen asleep at my keyboard....

I haven't really worked on Rhiannon for a couple of days now. I need to get back to her. I will likely get some time after I finish this blog, and will stop to watch Medium, and then I will go to bed. I will go directly to bed. I will not stop in the kitchen for a snack. I will not snitch a cup of milk.

I have to be firm and resolute with myself, take my sleeping pill, lie down and fall asleep like a normal person.

I hope that I have a sleeping pill.

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