Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Just terrible. To the point where I can't even look at it.

It stares at me through the zip lock baggie. It longs to be worked upon. But I can't do it to myself. I have to wait for stress-less hours to fix this.

If I could drink alcohol, I would consume lots of it just to silence the voices taunting me to work on it.

I have a sock class tomorrow night, and some cds to make tonight. It looks like Friday is going to be the soonest that I can do this. I need to prepare a piece to demo "how to pick up stitches on the side of a heel" and how to kitchener. So I'm looking at making some samples ahead of time.

I'm totally swamped with classes suddenly. And I still have to put together a syllibus for Magic Loop.

I wish I had my manager's email. But come to think of it--I am not so sure that she has one! Next project is to call her to find out.

In the meanwhile, I'm knitless-which is sort of like witless, but no one else knows-until you open your mouth. (Grin)
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