Sunday, October 17, 2010

Latest Project...

I demo'ed all day at JoAnn's, since my student didn't show up.

I demo'ed a Grannie Square, made with Lion Brand Thick N' Quick--the pattern calls for only 3 repeats, but I was able to get in almost 6--the end result appears to be the same, but it is quite different than the pattern. I just didn't quite have enough to finish that 24th round!!'s the end result. I really like it and the color is just fantastic--MUCH different from the picture in the leaflet (which simply didn't do it much justice). I learned a lot from this project--not to trust the color representation in the JoAnn flyers.

I just think it looks so much more "floral" in real life. The JoAnn's flyer makes the green look too summer green, almost gold, and the raspberry is really raspberry--not the red in the flyer. The blue in the flyer is a little off the sky blue in my picture.

Of course, your computer might have different settings, and your view of my picture might be just as bad as the flyer. Trust me. This one is worth making.


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