Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rhiannon Update

I was able to finish about 20 something rows last night.

And, since you're asking, yes--yesterday was a perfect day. At the office, I had lots of work to do during the morning--which kept me so busy that the time just flew. I was done by noon, and had lunch with a friend.

Then back to the office to work on other duties until the quitting whistle blew, and then I was screaming "YABBA DABBA DOOOOO!" all the way down the brontosaurus' back, jumped into my car and headed for home--"courtesy of Fred's two feet" as it were.

My friend brought in my crystal ball, and we set it up in my office for the day. I did manage to get it home, although I haven't set it up yet. It's still in the car. It weighs a ton! The ball is not perfect, though. It has a flat spot in it--perhaps to help keep it from rolling away--although it has it's own stand. But it's lovely, and I can hardly wait to get it inside and set up...now,

Where to put it?

Sigh. Running out of places for THAT.

Today is cold. Really screaming cold. Not cold enough for a coat, but cold enough for a sweater. Guess what I'm wearing to the office? Yes, you guessed it--the Celtic Blue Jumper. I can hardly wait to get to the office for everyone to see it on my person. I think that they are just going to FREAK!

I rather hope that today will run like yesterday, where I have a super busy morning. Since I'm leaving at noon to take my mother to the doctor, I will have lots of time to knit. I am taking Rhiannon with me to knit at Knit night, but at the doctor, I'm opting for socks--which I started at the office yesterday using Magic Loop. I can't seem to get the hang or the rhythm of doing two at once, one inside the other--I keep JOINING them together, and it's too frustrating for me to have to concentrate THAT hard on a project so small and simple. So I frogged the technique and started over again on Magic Loop. Things are going much smoother now. So I am expecting a knitterly day--which is always nice. The best thing about the socks, however, is that my sock knitting back came from Roseland Bags--

So pictures of the new sock knitting bag and the crystal ball will be posted tomorrow when there's more time. Right now, I've drank my coffee and it's time to head off for the office to see what mayhem I can manage there. Oh, I also found a sheepy cup for coffee, too. Perhaps a picture of that as well.

Until tomorrow then!

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