Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another Finished Project!

Monthly Dishcloth is done, but I just take the pic and find out Blogger is down. Now, at the office, and not a thing I can do about it, but I will upload it later.

I have some serious worries about my work--oh, not about layoff or anything like that--but about someone who used to work here, that left for medical reasons, then retired. This person has no backbone, and I seriously hope that they don't hire her back. I like her well enough as a person, but I know that she really doesn't like me--in fact, she was the one who took me off the project for the computer system that she and a couple of other people made, and this POS is just awful!

And the people who more or less "created" it, LEFT for other jobs (or retired), and now we have been limping along with it for the last two years, trying to make it bend to our needs, and it has some SERIOUS issues.

Nuff said about that--but it was this person who retired who was so "nice" about it all, and so willing to take LESS THAN we really needed--that I'm afraid is trying to come back to work here, and I SERIOUSLY (did I use that word yet?) don't want her hands in it again, because she HAS NO CLUE how to get the best product for the money, in other words, how to make the programmers to create what we need, and to make it WORK efficiently--not just limp along and slow everyone down.

Nuff said about that. Rant over, I suppose.

I wish that Twitter had a web application, rather than an SMS application. I don't text message because it costs too much. I use the web a LOT, and Yahoo Messenger for the Blackberry uses the web--not SMS--for messaging, which is VERY cool, and I can chatter with folks all day long without fear of being charged extra for it. I got my bill for my blackberry this month, and once again, a huge shocker! $202!!!! That's more than the first bill, which if you'll recall was for two months and only $320 (which at the time, I thought was high--until I got this bill!). So something is wrong with this bill, as well, and I have no clue. They are overcharging me to the max. The $42 credit DID NOT show up on this bill, and now, considering that it should be for 3 months, it's not NEARLY enough.

Boy, today is turning out to be a real RANT day, isn't it?

So now, I have to go in to Verizon AGAIN, and chatter with them about my bill. It should be ONLY $160 a month--$60 for the Broadband, $67 for the Blackberry and $40 some for the house phone! I have no idea where all these extra charges are coming from!

In the meantime, I have a doctor appointment this afternoon, so it's a short day.

More later, and the pic of the Monthly Dishcloth.

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