Saturday, May 16, 2009


I came in to the office with shawl, sheet and fish line, pins and a strong desire to get er done, but having finally pinned the center (at least MOST of it, I find myself short on pins so I need to get more--the store doesn,t open until 9 so I'm outdoors waiting.

While waiting I traveled to another store nearby to help dissolve some time and bought 3 skeins of cotton worsted.

Then back to the store of choice for pins and what turns out to be miscellany--a holder, a magazine, and a pair of ginger's scissors which were on sale for 30 percent off!

Back to blocking I go!

Unfortunately, it didn't really work--I ended up finally pinning it to the bed...but there was still 1/8th where there is a ruffle and I didn't even block the border! The center of the shawl needs to come out another 2", and it's already as big as my BED, which is Queen size! This thing is a monster.

You know, I keeps saying "never again", but somehow, I just don't believe myself. There is something wonderful that happens when you finish a big project.

Unfortunately, it was taken down to sleep (who'dathunkit?) that night, so I never did get a picture--so you're going to have to wait until I can get my outfit on and my husband outside on a nice day to get some really good ones.

Got to get knitting, I started another project and like how it's going, and want to knit a little before I head out to the office.

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