Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Tarot Deck

I just bought a new Tarot Deck, called the Psychic Tarot. This deck is incomplete, not having any of the court cards. The 10's are separated into 7 chakras or centers within the body...I haven't tested these cards yet, but the box gave me a pause to consider.

I really need to find another Tarot group, similar to the group I belonged to on Yahoo that would do three and five card draws and you had to divine what was going on.

Ah, I do miss that.

I'm past the cuff on the socks. I've done the first pattern row (three times, misreading the graph twice!), and I'm preparing to work the second row.

So I will pull cards in the Celtic Circle deck...

Asking for general guidance, I draw

10 of swords, reversed (Disillusion)
Knight of Swords (Change)
3 of Swords (Discord)

Beware the belief that all is well. Change is in the air, brought about by a "too gun ho" attitude, which could spark an argument.

Therefore, back to my knitting, before I become too mired in the details...

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