Saturday, May 9, 2009

For Those Who Need to Know

Addendum to my rant on Verizon

They approved a credit of $42 for the historical charges.

And that made me a happy camper. See? It doesn't take much! And my mother said I was difficult! Well, perhaps she wasn't prepared for what I would become--

Insert wicked laugh here

In the meanwhile--it rains cats and dogs outside, so the day proves an indoor one--no lawn mowing--no yard work--just knitting and tv.

I managed to get in 5 repeats in last night, and I have only 12 remaining, which means that indeed--it is possible to get this shawl done by tomorrow. I'm hoping the pattern for my market bag comes today so I can plan colors and buying yarn for a change. Since today is Saturday--and the mailman ignores me on Sundays--today is the absolute best day for mail to come, and I hope it arrives soon.

I drew the Ace of Cups for my card yesterday. It means a new love interest--hmm. Didn't need that! I need a new love interest like I need a hole in the head, but there you go!

Today, however, I drew the 9 of Pents-titled GAIN. Now this COULD mean monetary gain, but since today is a day off work--well you get the picture. I did get someone drop by yesterday offering to buy our fence panels--which we're asking $22 a panel, but the buyer didn't snap it up right away--perhaps she's considering the offer? Or it could mean that I shall maximize my work on the shawl and get it done today? Highly doubtful--it takes an hour to do one repeat, and I can't sit for 12 hours straight--and my eyes cross after 3 marathon hours--and I have other things planned for today. Like doing dishes and cleaning the kitchen--folding laundry--house stuff.

I might even clean out my snake cages, but can't seem to figure out what to do with the snake while I do it--it's not like I can put them in with each other--one will kill the other--and since the boa is so ding dong shy, I'm sure she'd be the one eaten. My Honduran Milksnake is very aggressive right now--having finally come out of hibernation.

Well on to knitting! Wish me luck!

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