Saturday, May 16, 2009

Storms, Floods and other WATCH OUTS!

We've been having thunderstorms just about every other night the last week. It's been murder on my sleep patterns.

The dog, however, doesn't seem to mind so much.

Today, the plan is to take the Civil War Shawl in to the office where there are large circular tables, and set out a sheet, pin and stretch to the sheet on top of the table. I will be all morning, as I intend to get there early. As soon as the animals are fed and watered, I'll shower and

Run Amok.

No knitting last night--I was sore from sitting at my desk all day, and I'm sitting improperly again. My hip has been bothering me, so I took a couple Advil and then took a nap, which really didn't amount to any real "sleep", so much as rest.

This morning, the air is so wet from the storms that my head is all congested and I can barely breathe. I hope I survive.

I've got a sock on the needles that the dog chewed up.

Must remember not to leave socks on the floor...she likes the smell and the taste of a sweaty sock apparently. I can hear all of you saying


But that's a dog for you.

So I had to rip out the toe where she chewed the hole, and stick it back on the needles. Luckily, I still had some of that yarn left over, so it's waiting for a little time to be re-worked.

We made pork steaks on the grill last night, and because the grill was HOT, I didn't cover it back up...then of course, it storms last night. So now the cover is a wet mess. Why does it always rain the night you grill and you're so lazy because you had to take 3 Advil for pain and got no real rest most of the week, so you're tired and grumpy and tearing away at the seams. So you don't do that last little task, and now have to deal with a soaking wet grill cover?


Just before waking, I saw a name on my work computer screen in one of the programs that I use--and I'm keen to find out if she exists. Just to find out WHY her name came to me in the last few sleepy moments between actual sleep and wakefulness. I had to get right up and put her name in my Blackberry so I wouldn't forget it. Just now, I had to refer to it in order to remember what it was. Of course, I can't post it here--you never know. She might well really exist, and I would be guilty of breach of confidentiality. But it's utterly weird that I would dream that particular name, since I've never seen it before, and since I don't know anyone by that name, I wonder why I would dream about it.

Well, the dog is in, and I've got to get my arse in gear and get going on my day. The next time you see me, I'll have my shawl on!

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