Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What CAN I say?

My friends say I'm a fast knitter.

I think I'm just a little better at time management (perhaps--I'm really a procrastinator). Since I hate doing housework, I leave it go, and sit down and knit my heart out until I'm so tired I can't sit up straight, and then go to bed.

Well, I do take a short break to make something for supper.

And last night was no exception. I ate a chicken sandwich. Hubby ate leftovers, too. And the hotter it gets, the less apt you are to find me in the kitchen. It's the last place I might go!

So I accomplish a good deal of knitting. Since the Civil War Shawl, I've opted for a fair number of small projects--something quick and easy to finish in a few hours. I've made several potholders,

a doily and a dishcloth.

In between, I've been taking pictures of everything,

but somethings have to bypass our venue the picture I took of a crochet bag at the store. I figure I can recreate it at some point.

But lately, I am on a lace "kick". I have purchased and downloaded several lace patterns, most of them shawls, and I don't even WEAR shawls. What is wrong with this picture? I just really like the process. I like the finished product and how it initially looks like a big lump of oatmeal, but after blocking, looks like a piece of artwork! Yesterday, I bought another lace book (Estonian Style), and I'll take it to the office with me today to peruse. I also bought Grumperina's favorite shawl, Path of Flowers (see Sidebar for Grumperina's site where she has posted non-stop about it), and I'll buy the yarn online, if I can find it in a color I like.

But sometimes, I figure, you just gotta relax with your cat.

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