Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Working on Socks!

Once again, working on socks. I've missed it. The pattern is from #14 Yarn Forward Magazine. A pair with cables snaking up the leg and down the foot in a light blue, but I am making mine with a hand dyed yarn, which is some pretty spectacular colors! I only have about a centimeter done, so there's no point in showing you--but IF you were party to a post from a previous time that was completely unrelated to knitting, and seemed to be directed at my ex--well, sorry about that.

I found out this afternoon that he's been quite literally "copying the mail". The man continues to stalk me, even though we've been divorced for 20 years, but it's more likely that he's trying to catch me saying something bad or nasty about him.

I'm quite a bit above that, but I'm sure he thinks otherwise. I'm not entirely sure why--unless he has deluded himself far above the norm--even for HIM. I have better things to do than to chase rainbows. I'm really glad he's gone, and hope that he stays gone.

So, ask the cards, I say...

Queen of Cups Reversed (Intuition)
3 of wands Reversed (Foundation)
Page of wands (Potential)
King of Wands (Fire)

Whew! Look at all the fire cards!

Worry and anxiety is causing health problems. You're being obstinate, unwilling to admit that you need some help. You have many talents and lots of potential--head in a forward direction, because everything you pursue turns out golden--fire up and get moving. The way is open for leadership and success even while you pursue it with the vigor of a bull!

So I'm going back to my chair to knit on my socks--success there is assured, with or without my cards! :)

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