Thursday, May 21, 2009

Update on Doily

But first, I drew a card for the day. Asking "What's up with Hubby? How come he's so ornery lately?"

Okay, drew the 4 of Cups Reversed, titled "Discontent". Okay, while reversed would seem to mean "not unhappy" about something, I wonder if it might indicate that he's THINKING that he's discontent, rather than ACTUALLY feeling active discontent, which can be equally damaging.

It would seem being laid off isn't setting well for him. I can understand that. The cups of course, are up-ended, meaning that he's likely to pour out a ton of frustration, and that can indicate dire consequences--he could lose his temper, his medication might not work. It might be affecting his entire mental stability--a whole host of things.

So there is cause for concern. I'm hoping that this and next week pass quickly.

On to the doily--
Here's the update at 44 rows:

Here's the update at 54 rows:

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