Sunday, May 10, 2009

I can't Knit Another Stitch!

I only have 2 more points to go. I am so tired of knitting!!! I can't believe how close I am, and I don't want to continue! I WILL, because I have FORTITUDE.

Thank you so much to the person who turned me on to this shawl...and then moved away to California so she couldn't start it with me. You qualify as a rat! (Just kidding really!!)

I will however, be SO HAPPY when it's finished and blocked. I don't think my readers understand. Can you say "crossed eyes"? Can you say "the house needs cleaned--it looks like it hasn't had a woman's touch for almost 2 months!" Can you say "This kitchen STINKS! Do the dishes!"

I knew you could.

But it will have to wait one more day...while I finish this MONSTER that has consumed my every waking hour since the middle of MARCH. I believe I will call it "The March Monster".


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