Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I was going to start the Flowered Market Bag, but decided that right now was not a good time--what with Alma coming up and all, to have to drag around all those skeins of yarn, so I started a knitted doily.

I remember in the old magazines, Aunt Martha's and Coats and Clarks advertisements in hand-drawn patterns for different things. And here I have a small booklet with absolutely no copyright information, except for this small drawn woman in a plaid dress with a 50's sort of style--

Holy cow, am I dating myself or what?

So I took a pic of the final article. I am 40 rows into it--I'm not certain how many rows are in it, but I can't imagine that there are very many more. The pattern states that the blocked doily is approximately 15"--17" if you use the bigger crochet cotton (size 10 now), and I just don't see it, but I'm plugging away. You should be able to see why I want to knit this doily, right?

Here's what it looks like on my needles, though...

Not much to look at is it? This is the wonder of blocking. It really brings out the professional finish of an article of knitting, evening out stitches and making the ugly duck turn into a trumpet swan--a truly amazing transformation! I am knitting my heart out in anticipation of that "swan moment". :)

So while I blog here with my 16.9 oz bottle of caffeine, I drew cards on my ex again--no particular reason, other than to know what's going on with him. Here's what they told me:

Cover: 2 Swords Reversed (Opposition)
Crossing: 7 Cups (Delusion)
Recent Past: 10 Cups (Rewards aka the Wish Card)
Head, or Goals: 6 Swords (Solace)
Immediate Future: Page Cups (Reflection)
Foundation: 3 Wands Reversed (Foundation)
House: Page Wands (Potential)
Friends: King Wands (Fire)
Hopes: Ace Swords Reversed (Intellect)
Outcome: 9 Cups Reversed (Stability)

Inner conflict increases your delusional thinking, and the wish granted in the recent past has not resulted in the peace of mind you were hoping for. Spending time thinking about what may or may not have gone right or wrong continues to plague you and upsets the applecart, making you feel lost and vulnerable.

Home and family continue to offer the most potential for your life, too bad you don't have the ability to accept it and live within it. Some counsel from the wisdom of an older man you admire and trust (to a point) will be offered, but it's more likely that you will continue to follow your own way. Consider that failure to use the brains God gave you will result in further instability in your life.

Aw. What a shame!

So then. He's conflicted! Well, that makes sense. He's still got leaving on his mind. Not a good story. I feel sorry for his wife. She's going to be alone soon. Perhaps she'll feel happier about it than I ever did.

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