Saturday, May 2, 2009

Draw for 5/2/09

I drew a celtic spread this morning. This was not about myself, but about someone I once knew...
These are the cards:

Cover: 8 of Cups (Abandonment)
Cross: Knight of Swords (Change)
Above: Page of Swords Rev (Thought)
Below: 3 of Swords Rev (Discord)
Imm. Past: 10 of Swords (Disillusion)
Imm Future: 8 of Swords (Bondage)
Attitude: The Web Rev
Others: 3 of Pents Rev (Dedication)
Hopes: High Priestess
Tie up: The Lady

You've abandoned something again, seeking the change you constantly crave, without giving it much thought, and you've rushed headlong again, into something not having considered the consequences of your actions--as you always do. The constant disharmony in your life drives you, the displeasure in your past forces you to act, and you fail to see that it keeps you chained.

Your attitude is that the whole world owes you, and you can't seem to see why others can have things that you cannot seem to obtain for yourself, either by waiting or by force. You're hoping for change, and change will come, but in it's own good time--not yours.

And that's it.

The reading is for my ex-husband. My first thought when I pulled these cards was "oh, my gawd, look at all those SWORDS!!! He's entering into some real troubled times!


Perhaps his inability to change is holding him back? Yeah, that would likely be it. It's not surprising that my sig card, the High Priestess, is in his spread, too--it usually is.

So I have been working right along on the Civil War Shawl. I'm not yet to the 3/4 mile, but it's coming up in about 10 more points, I think. It's possible that I'll be there by the end of the weekend, unless I get sick...what with the Swine Flu running amok--I do have errands to run today, and so won't get as many points done today as I likely will tomorrow. We shall see.

So I am off to the races, having cleaned up the kitchen, gathered the trash and gotten things around to take to my mother's since I'm driving Miss Daisy to grocery shop today. Can't wait. I have a few things of my own to get--not alot, but enough to go.

Hubby was saying that he wanted to go back on the Atkins diet, and I told him NO. Unless he wants to fork in money to the grocery bill for all the meat, he wasn't going on Atkins. Besides which, Atkins isn't healthy for you. Your brain needs glucose to run on, and he basically stays on the 2 week diet forever, loses about 60 pounds then gains it back. I've been going right along, following (for the most part) my diet. I've lost 36 pounds so far, and still losing, and haven't gained any of it back yet. I've been on my diet for about 6 months or so. So you know that I will be able to maintain the weight loss when I'm done working on this. It's coming along. Losing slowly like this makes it easier to KEEP it off. I think it's just that you've learned to eat differently, but I could be wrong.

Hubby is going to his mother's to mow the lawn. The sun hasn't come out yet, so it's very likely that the grass will be too wet to do it. Our grass needs mowed too, and it's gotten pretty tall the last couple of days--due to all the rain we've had. It's cloudy today, too. Weatherman said we'd have a really nice weekend...well, go on then!

In the meantime, dreams come and go. I woke up this AM with lots of body aches. My nose has been itching on the outside, which means that I'm going to kiss a blue-eyed fool and a brown-eyed fool. It makes me wonder who the blue-eyed fool might be! HA!

I wonder what the day will bring--besides knitting and groceries?

My lilac bush is nearly about to blossom into a million little bunches of flowers. It's really packed this year. It reminds me of last year when mom Draper died. Sad time, that. I'll take a pic when it's blooming for memories. It's going to be a beautiful bush this year. I'm also talking to hubby about planting another crab-apple tree--one with pink blossoms on it, so that the birds will come closer to the house and nest--the trees have sprouted small leaves, and life is beginning again. Things are turning green everyplace you look. It's a time for growing. A time to be happy--sing, dance, party, share with others and generally have fun.

So I'm going to do just that, and maybe take my mother over to Grand Rapids to visit the Hobby Lobby, which sounds like fun to me--adding to my yarn stash and spending time with the Opinionated Crocheter. Hee! Later, dudes. I'm on my way!

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