Friday, August 7, 2009

Adventures in the Household!

One last program to install, and it's giving me grief. I have to run downstairs and see if I can locate the authorization codes for it. If it's on the big puter (see, I think of notebooks as "small" computers--even if they have more space, and this one definitely has the larger space, and consider my Blackberry the "hand-held" computer...but the big computer is a monster in comparison, and takes up an entire ARMOIRE when it's fully operational--and for those of you who don't know what an armoire is--it's a tall wooden closet.), well that might be a problem. I don't know if it will run at all! I haven't used it in...hmm...five years? Imagine trying to turn something on that hasn't had the priviledge for the last 5 years!!

So I am a tad worried, because it's probably the only place I'll find the serial number.

The other place is on the book that came with the software, and well, we BOTH know that Tenna isn't usually right on top of that sort of thing aware it needs to be done while installing software, and this is very often the thing that gives Tenna a headache before she even starts! And where the book might be, at this very moment, having had no opportunity to rush downstairs and scope it out, is anyone's guess--but even if I spied it with my little eye, the possibility of getting around in my sewing room is, well, can you say DISASTER AREA? I knew you could. So, thinking creatively, I came up with this little "story".

"Adventures in the Household"

So the intrepid hunter goes into the lost world to find the rare book. But first she has many travels to make, not the least of which may be quite dangerous. After a short walk, the deep dark well of despair looms before her!

This might well be the last you see of our heroine; however, she is determined to locate the fount of "serial number". There are wild animals that frequent the area. LOOK! There's one now!

Across the plains of basement, with sparse Planter's trees, and bypassing the Beast in the Armoire, she arrives at her destination!

The JUNGLE. Dear God. How can anyone find anything in here???? Initial observation shows the book she hunts is nowhere in sight, so she abandons the hunt briefly, and passes again, the Beast in the Armoire.

She shouldn't touch it, as it might be deadly! But in a fit of desperation, she does! This may be her last ditch efford to obtain the elusive serial number she seeks and the last we ever hear of her. A touch of a few buttons, and the monster springs to life. And let me tell you, it has the roar of a ferocious lion (May need to look into that later....) And suddenly, there appears before her


And a search for files option! And what's this? A list of all her cd's and programs? Well, what do you know about that?

Serial number located, and once again crossing the plains, she's ABDUCTED AND PLACED IN JAIL!

All she can see is the way out--that looks suspiciously like perhaps she should ask Alice in Wonderland for tips.

Will our heroine escape jail and return to civilization with the serial number and install the upgrade to Adobe Photoshop?

Will the blogwriter ever determine when she can return to the jungle and clear away a few paths?

Is there no end to this story?

Tune in Next time, for adventures in the household!

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