Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kalamazoo Highland Games-August 2009

Well, it's been more than a week since I last wrote, and so much has happened! I don't know where to begin!

Well, I suppose I could begin with the Kalamazoo Highland Games. They were fun, as usual, albeit Rainy (off and on). I was continually hiding underneath a tent trying to keep my new wheel dry.

First, Ray and I stopped at the Highland Cattle Pen.

This is a genuine Highland Steer. They have longer hair than the American Bovines--and are quite relaxed--even with all these strangers milling about them!

After this, Ray and I sought out the Grand Rapids and District Pipe Band to say hello and catch up with their doings. It was a pleasant visit with old friends, yet there is an elephant in the room whenever I show up, and I've always wondered about it. It seems that they will all talk with Ray about what happened two years ago, but they will not discuss it with me--even though I have emailed their new pipe major, there has been no discussion. I am considering the matter closed.

From there, we wound back around to the vendor tents, and I found this sweater,

that I loved, and someday hope to make it. The cost was $150 way I'm going to afford that for a sweater. (Nevermind that the Civil War Shawl cost me about $100 in yarn alone!)

From there, and because my soap maker, Pat Merritt hadn't yet arrived, we strolled around to the Sheep Herding. Now, I love sheep herding--I love everything about it. And since I love my dog, Mandy, who is also a border collie, I do love to watch these dogs move ducks and sheep

around in a pen. It's really a sight to I snapped a couple of pics...

Then there was this little girl, and she got to pet one of the cute!!

Finally, I set up my wheel, and started to spin, but wouldn't you know it? Just as Opening Ceremonies started, it began to sprinkle, so I had to put her away, while we watched the Massed Bands.

Look at the SKY. It's threatening to rain hard! What to do?

And the Kalamazoo Weaver's Guild came to the rescue! They had a nice tent, and offered me a spot toward the back, so that my brand new wheel and I didn't get drenched in the rain that came and came for most of the day thereafter!

Here was one of the prettier wheels

Lots of good conversation from that point on--fantastic jokes (not one can I repeat), some Meat Pies (standard Scottish Games fare) and music from the field--not just bagpiping, which is always quite fine, but also harps and hammer dulcimers and fiddles, singers and the like--all for our listening pleasure, and believe me, it was.

Then came kitchen piping. I was well into my bobbin of yarn, and decided to stop a while and knit some more on the Path of Flowers Stole, which is also coming along nicely--more in another post later, because at this very moment, Ray is sitting beside me waiting to go. I won't show you the picture of his scowling, having to wait!! LOL!

I didn't get pics of the kitchen piping because I was knitting, but I did get pics of the lineup for the Closing Ceremonies, which came at 5pm (funny how the day goes so quick when you're having a wonderful time -- despite the rain..). Here's closing ceremonies.

Pipers line up...

Drummers line up...

Pipers GO!

Drummers GO!

And then, we said our goodbyes to new friends and old, and began the trek back home...The sky was still threatening to break forth with new showers, but it didn't rain all the way home.


You see that little tail there in the center of that big black cloud? Well, it gave me pause to worry, but it was nothing. We arrived at McDonald's in Galesburg about 5:15, and had a quick supper, then we headed home.

Boy were we tired!

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