Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Daily Doings

Well, I decided to go to the office, but there is literally nothing to do--all of the systems are down. So I'll have to do some filing. I'm not up to it, but I need to get it done. I did make it through the day, and got quite a bit of work done--even if I wasn't very productive. I'm considering selling my Kromski Symphony wheel and hoping to trade my Roberta electric wheel for a portable non electric wheel like the Ashford Joy. I want to be able to easily transport--without takingg up half the back seat. I would trade even up for a Joy--even though the Roberta is more expensive. I hate to let go of the Roberta--because a friend sold it to me, but I really didn't need it--and could get more use out of a Joy or Louet portable. I put a little blurb on Spin Sales--we'll see if it garners a reaction. In the meanwhile, it's another day with no systems at the office. I could get more done at home! So perhaps I'll do a half day and go home early.

Still waiting for the doctors office to contact me with an appointment. And it's hot here in the office--I'm sweating something fierce. Time to turn on the fan.

My new Path of Flowers stole is coming along --albeit slowly because it's lace on both sides


--and I don't usually do well with these types of patterns. The end result after blocking is scrumptious, but right now it looks like so much wrinkled up string!

I've also taken to making up some beaded stitch markers


from leftovers I had from the Snowflake shawl. I'll make one up in an hour or so to show you.

Beyond that, not much else going on--maybe the day will get more interesting as the day wears on?

Doubt it.

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