Saturday, August 29, 2009

Civil War Muster

Held today, August 29, 2009 in Jackson, Michigan.

What an event! There were LOTS of things to see and do--and a battle to watch--stores, beautiful women in beautiful, fashionable Civil War Era garb--looking like they just walked off the set of Gone With The Wind....

Rhett! Rhett! Whatever shall I do?????????

I took my wheel, and spun a couple bobbins of yarn, but didn't take enough bobbins to handle the amount of singles I'd done, and so the spinning went very fast, and I didn't get to spin long enough to do the demonstrating I had hoped.

I believe however, that there will be a write up in the Jackson paper about me, so I have to get hold of my mother in law and sister in law to get the local paper to see if I'm in there!!

I found some really cute things--bought a new velvet purse that goes better with my garb, and a chatelaine, along with a seam ripper (very dull) and a thimble case with a thimble. They are all made of brass, and quite lovely. Pictures tomorrow...along with the spinning and an update on the Path of Flowers Stole, which I didn't work a row today! Shame on me!

Ray snapped a picture of me, when I wasn't looking, and I'll have to get a copy from him and scan it, because he took it on a disposable camera. I thought he'd purchased a digital, but alas...and the pic I took of him, is on his Facebook page--Look up Ray Croisant!

I installed my printer drivers on his machine, and printed off a copy for him. He's happy.

Anyway, I uploaded pics of the battle to my Flickr account if anyone is interested in seeing them.

The trip there began with breakfast at McDonald's, where I found this man on his way to a car show. What a car he had! And he graciously took my picture with the car!


And I thought that this guy's shop had the right idea...


Maybe I should tell my hubby to lay off the liquor?


Ray in his "garb"


So now, when you get to the pic of my hubby's new car---

Pics 8-22-09

You can stop looking at pics, because that's the end of the pics for the muster. Sorry that they aren't in any particular order...perhaps I'll fix that tomorrow. In the meanwhile, enjoy! It was a great day with lots of shade, breeze and just the right amount of sun. It was great that I took along the Civil War Shawl, as it got many compliments, and it helped stave off the chilly breeze quite adequately!

I promise I'll get a pic of the Path of Flowers Stole tomorrow. I am tired now, and have to get myself to bed, and put extra covers on tonight, because I hear that it's supposed to get into the 30's!!! It's only August!

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