Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday?? Already??

Yes, friends, it's Monday again, and I have to go to work. It's a short week though, with a furlow day at the end of it, and while I really miss the $125 that Jennie takes away from me every week, I do like the day off. It makes for a restful weekend, because the two day weekends just aren't long enough.

My husband finally decided on a new car. He's getting a Chevrolet Impala. Nice car. We may bring it home as early as mid-week, depending on how much he can get done in the next couple days.

Path of Flowers stole is coming along nicely. I'm a little more used to the pattern now, and I can whip it out a little faster than when I started. I'm also coming along on the KAL with my friend in California. We're on row 74. It's been so miserable hot that not a lot of knitting is getting done. I did, however, get quite a lot of spinning done on my new wheel.

This weekend is the Kalamazoo Highland Festival. I'll be there with my wheel, and I'll ply my purple wool--then I'll work some more on the bright neon green I got at Fiber Festival.

I hope that my Drum Carder sold, but if not, I hope it sells soon.

In the meanwhile. I'm off like a prom dress--going to the office. Bye!

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