Sunday, August 9, 2009

Moving On

I just finished another cloth, and just have to do the finishing on it--tie off the ends and stuff. It's a cute little fish washcloth, perfect for little hands. I might make a couple of these for my grandkids--so that they can learn to wash themselves--or if nothing else, they'll make a fun toy in the bathtub!

In the meanwhile, I just woke up and just had breakfast. Today is going to be a scorcher, and after I get my lace yarn wound into a ball, I'm going to begin the Path of Flowers Stole shown on Grumperina's website. I'm also going to use the same yarn, but in a different color, and I think that mine is going to be prettier. We'll see.

I have a bit of knitting to do on the shawl

that my friend in California and I are knitting. She takes her time on it, and so do I. We are enjoying the process, and going slow. However, when she doesn't work on hers, I have to have something to do, hence the other projects on the needles. It keeps me sane.

Well, I'm going to begin my day. Toots!

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