Monday, August 24, 2009

The Weekend Passes much too Quickly!

I have pictures of all my exploits on my camera phone, but I haven't had the chance to download them. Hopefully, I'll get to them tonight before Spin Night happens--but that's pretty debatable, since I have to get some groceries and something quick for hubby to eat this evening, otherwise, he will be ornery when I get home.

I also have to check out my friend's computer, to see if I can determine why it died on him quite suddenly while he was creating an email. That one I might save for Tuesday night.

So much work. So little time.

There's not a lot of time to even do my blog, but I felt that I must send in something!

My ex husband was happily NOT at the Kalamazoo Festival. Instead, there was a snake and reptile show.

My goodness, he would have fit right in!

Anyway, I took my wheel with me, and set up down by the heavy athletics before it started to rain, and I had to put my gear in the car. That's when I found out that there were several other spinners and weavers under a tent about halfway across the field, so I moved my stuff there between sprinkles, and stayed dry the entire rest of the day. There is something, though, about groups of spinners--and being underneath cover--people walking by stop by with interest, but you really don't get to discuss as much because the people who are more to the front of the crowd get asked the myriad questions.

But it was FREEZING at the Highland Festival, and I really did NOT dress for it. I ended up having to buy a zippered sweater--which has "Scotland" in a celtic knot embroidered as an emblem on it in blue velour. Very warm. It better be. It cost me $30 more than I was planning to spend at the festival--and therefore couldn't get my soaps--so Ray bought them for me. I really do like the jacket, however, and since there's a bit of chill in the air this morning, I think I'll wear it to the office, and put on a lighter shirt below--sort of layer my clothing so that if it gets warm, I can peel off a layer.

Stopping now, as it's time to go, but there will be more with pictures, later. Tune in!

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