Sunday, August 30, 2009

As Promised!

The day of reckoning! As promised, the Path of Flowers Stole Progress!


I had to take the picture on our bed so that the lace would show up. I REALLY need a white sheet. There is just so much cat and dog hair on the bed. So next time I knit on this, I'll have to pick off a bunch of hair, but--them's the breaks of having animals in the house.

Speaking of animals, I fed my snakes this morning and watered them. I think it's odd that the females pretty much stay where they're put, but all my males escaped. I wonder about that, and considered getting another male, but it would have to be big enough to breed right away, and those can be perhaps not. Besides, my husband has finally come to an agreement with my stay in your box, we get along just fine. Get out of your box and you're a dead snake. They seem to understand the idea.

Beyond the stole, I have also knit another dishcloth. Here's the August Mid Month Dishcloth for the Monthly Yahoo Dishcloth group:


I think everyone else did theirs in a rose color, well, I decided to do mine in pink, and since I was at Meijer's when I bought the yarn, I ended up with Sugar n Cream, instead of Peaches n Creme, and the cloth has a definite bias to it, that I don't usually get with Peaches n Creme, so I think from now on, I will only use Peaches n Creme for my dishcloths. I think the bias may be caused by the twist in the Sugar n Creme yarn.

Bad news, though. My Monday Night Spin Group has decided to move to afternoons, and since I work, I would have to take time off work in order to go. So I don't imagine that I will be able to go anytime--unless I just take a vacation day and go. I can't do that very often. It's depressing me, because I'm probably the most active member, and it's rare for me to miss a meeting! I'm going to miss it.

Here's the little bag I bought at the "Muster" yesterday. Drawstring bag, with a cotton lining, velvet and lace outside. I think it's beautiful, and it goes so well with my outfit. The other velvet bag was just the wrong shade of purple.


And the chatelaine--I have to buy the rest of the pieces for it. This is a pin for a seamstress--it has a thimble case (with thimble), a seam ripper, a magnifying glass, a thread cutter and a needle case. Unfortunately, the seam ripper isn't very sharp, so I will need to take it to the hardware store to have it sharpened. Otherwise, I'm good to go. I think that Hobby Lobby will carry the other items, but if I have trouble, I can always visit an antique store...


So now that morning has arrived to greet the day, I give you, one golden morning from my back door.


Ya'll have a beautiful and relaxing day!

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