Monday, August 10, 2009


Should I go to the office today or not?

Having spent Friday in the hospital, and knowing that I have to go see a specialist about my troubles, well--frankly, I would really rather go to the doctor that I used to go to--even though I haven't seen her in several years. I think it merits a visit with her because we have a history.

My biggest reason, though, is because I'm having some abdominal pain again, and I surely don't want to have another episode. I can't bring myself to get up off the chair--even though I've had my shower and everything to prepare to go!

I began a new project--Path of Flowers Stole. It's a lot harder (at least for ME) than it looks. The reason is because the yarn is SO FINE and the needles are SO HUGE. Yarn not much thicker than crochet cotton on size 6 needles!!! Yee Gods! Here is a better picture of the stole, IMHO, and the reason why I decided to do it.

It took me an hour to do one row (126 stitches). Things will go smoother once I get used to the contradiction between thread and needles, but right now, it's cumbersome. Maybe if I switch to Addi Turbos? Right now, using my interchangables, and the thread is catching in the join--so it might be a better option. I'll see if I can find my size 6's in Addi--I really need the lace needles, but if I don't have them, I don't have them.

But my belly is sore. Really sore from all the "activity". I have needle tracks from blood work and IV's. I've had breakfast, and I feel worse.

I'm trying to talk myself out of going, you see? But I know that I won't be able to get in to see the doctor today. You really CAN'T get in to see a specialist unless it's a total emergency, and I feel that the "emergency" has passed--maybe I don't want to go because I want my husband to baby me for another day? Sigh. Maybe. Maybe I shouldn't have eaten 3 pieces of meat lover's pizza last night? Maybe I should just stay home and eat nothing but chicken noodle soup all day?

I am utterly undecided.

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