Thursday, August 20, 2009

Modernistic! Simple and Quick!

Well, ya'll read about my dog getting sick all over the carpet when I got home, and what a mess!

So, I called up Modernistic Carpet Cleaners. They wanted to set me up for a cleaning on Saturday, but you know, I don't think I could have dealt with the smell in the heat for another minute! So I asked if there were ANY CHANCE that they could come RIGHT NOW, because


To which she asked if it was okay if they came between 5 and 8pm, and I answered with a resounding "YES!" and a "SEND THEM OVER RIGHT AWAY!"

And so they came, and it turned out to be a single fellow named Jeremy, rather than two of them, and so I helped move things, which sort of helped with the cost, I think--because I was expecting the bill at the end to be quite high, but it was completely reasonable.

Now, my house smells like Orange Go Jo hand cleaner, very citrus-y. Not a dog poop smell anyplace, and I am VERY HAPPY AND SATISFIED. And, should I ever need them again, they are the folks I'll call.

I even had Jeremy do my husband's chair, which was in pretty sad shape, and needed a good going over.

Of course, you know, that when my husband got home (yes, he knew about the dog poop), he was a tech miffed about not being able to sit in his easy we are in the bedroom with the air conditioning, knitting and reading, until it's bedtime.

And the doggie?????? She's been relegated to outside for a while...though she just barked to be let in--she hasn't gone poo yet, and I'm a bit miffed with her over that. She needs to stop pooping in my house, or she's going to find herself at the pound!!!

That's sort of a threat, with nothing to back it up with--I do love my dog. I don't know why she sometimes gets the scoots. She doesn't eat table food, she eats regularly and normally has nice firm bowels, and is able to maintain for hours. I am not sure WHY she gets so sick suddenly and without warning, and then it's loose stool and ALL OVER THE PLACE IN LIKE, 41 DIFFERENT SPOTS THAT ARE TOO FAR APART TO USE THE SPOT BOT!!!

As you can see, it really ticks me off, bad!

I could have taken a before and after, but didn't think you'd appreciate it. Just know that it was like looking at piles of dark, wet algae--all over my living room brand new, oak leaf berber carpeting. Hubby has been furious when she's gone on the rug in the past, and I knew that this time, would be a real barn burner--because it was just too much for me to handle!

And so, the call to the carpet cleaner, which was really long overdue.

And now, the carpet is quietly drying in the night, while we sleep. And the doggie will spend the night in the bathroom, where there is no carpet to clean.

But Jeremy rescued me. He did a great job. I can see the pattern in the carpet again, and the cat hair will vacuum back up in no time. I'm very I wrote about it here.

Oh, and Jeremy told me that he's a minister at a small church right there in town where I live--fancy that?

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