Friday, August 14, 2009

Getting Ahead of Myself

Ah...morning sunrises...

Well, sort of ahead. Today, I'm feeling happy, because I finished another dishcloth

This is The Rooster, and I think he's just adorable. He wasn't on the Monthly Dishcloth, but he might be down the road. I think he's pretty great.

I'm working on Path of Flowers Stole. Wow, is this a difficult knit. I finally finished a repeat--and I couldn't believe it took me so long...

especially having knit on the summer scarf, which takes very little time to walk, ride or run through 16 rows because every other row is purl across....on this one, I really have to pay attention all the time, and it frustrates me a little. I might get the hang of memorizing the pattern by the time I'm 150 rows into it, but right now, it's a pain in the keester! Add to that, since the light isn't really good at home, even under an OTT light, I work on it at the office, which at best, allows for only 2 rows at a time on a break--that's IF I don't figure I made a mistake.

I have to take in groceries to work--bread for my Peanut Butter on Toast sandwiches and Cereal for my Breakfast, which I sometimes eat at the office when I am not particularly hungry when I first get up.

Today, I get to go see the Ob-gyn. Oh, I'm really lookin' forward to that! I surely hope that they can give me some direction on what I should do about my issues from last weekend. I never want to go through that again.

After that, I get a nice boring meeting.

Then I get to start on my job. (Did I say, boring before? Oh, yes, there it is! I see it!) Sigh.

And I get to argue all day with workers who either won't or can't do what I need them to do so that I can do what I have to do....I'm tired of all of it.

So I applied for a promotion in another office. I have no clue if I will get it, or even if I will be asked to interview. I think that the head of interviewing for the area where I work LIKES me, but thinks that I'm where I belong, somehow. Ever since he took charge of that area, I haven't moved anyplace, and I'm seriously tired of not being able to do my job.

But before I can go to the doctor appointment at 9, I have to shower and nap a little and all that--sadly, there's not a lot of ambition to get out of bed today.



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