Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Maximum Surprises!

Last night, I got about 3 hours of sleep--until 5:30am, when I fell asleep for another 3 hours, interrupted every hour on the hour by one or another alarm....

Cell Phone
Cat...get the picture?

Anyway, I ended up going to work late, because of the lack of sleep, and after my doctor appointment, I went BACK to the office again, to try to catch up on some work that has been languishing in a queue, waiting for me to return--sadly, no one else does my job, but there you go!

So at 6pm, when I left the office, I thought how cool it would be if my new cellular phone was here.

And when I got home, not only did hubby have dinner in the oven, but

The cell phone was here.
The new hard drive was here.
And some lovely, lovely yarn had arrived.

And, when I called my computer guru, he was actually available! And he was not far away! And he came over to help me install my new drive and take care of some other installations...before I know it, I am




I just have a bazillion gigs of software to install, because, sadly, my old drive bit the dust...drew the short straw...died a slow (really slow) and agonizing death. It will have to be sent in to a processing center to obtain the many, many files that I'd saved on it. Some of which I will never be able to replace, unless I get the drive parsed (which is a fancy computer term that means going through the drive and pulling out all the useful information that can be retrieved). Free patterns I've saved over the last 6 months from Annie's Attic, sock patterns from a variety of different sources, files which I was planning to back up, but didn't get around to it for 6 months. I was preparing to do so, when the drive died.


It's expensive to parse a drive. Or so I'm told. So I'm going to start saving files to my husband's hard drive--which is significantly bigger AND quite a bit sturdier.

So the plans I HAD to work on my knitting, finishing up 2 dishcloths and working on a shawl with my friend in California (a KAL that we are working on) and beginning a new shawl from the realms of Yahoo Groups MMario Knits, something so beautiful that I simply MUST MAKE IT!

None of it got done--although I did get close to finishing up on ONE of the dishcloths...the one that says "Thank You". I considered giving it to my computer guru, and I may do that yet, but didn't want to not block it, take it's picture and upload to the files section for Monthly Dishcloth. The shawls will have to wait--maybe Thursday.

In the meanwhile, I have a ton of software to install. Thank GOD there was nothing critical on my hard drive that I couldn't replace!

Well, it is 11pm (almost). I need to take a sleeping pill and go to bed. The dog needs to go outdoors for potty, and I have to take my last penicillin. Let me say this about that...this stuff tastes like cow poo. It leaves a sour taste in my mouth that even mouthwash can't kill. I take it with water, because anything acid based makes it worse. But I take it so that I will get better!

And better I will be. G'day!

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