Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bear Progress..

Continued progress on Lester. Working on his bottom now.

Of course, you can't see it because he's sitting on it.
What a character! Lopsided ears, nose out of joint, hair all a-Kimble--
He looks like I feel--like I just woke up.

Have to take the car in to the dealership for a seat belt check today. I got a recall slip in the mail. The appointment is at 8, so why did I wake up at 5:30?

From there, I have to go to Burlington Coat Factory to buy a new coat because my old coat the zipper broke again, and when I sewed in the last zipper, I sewed it in so that it would NEVER come out. You folks who sew will understand what I mean. The zipper kept coming open at the bottom, and then wouldn't unzip. My hands are not what they used to be, and grip simply lacking--finally I tugged it apart and wore it open in the cold.

It was a good thing that it wasn't THAT cold last night, but it was still chilly, and very disappointing that I lost my coat. It's pretty old, and stained, and the fur around the collar was falling out. I told my husband that I needed to go buy a new coat.

"I bought you that coat," he said. "I think you should just put in a new zipper."

To which I replied, "I would do that, except the last zipper I put in, I put in with vengeance,  because I was having so much trouble, down coat and all that! It's been acting up for the last couple of months. Besides, you got new coats PLURAL last year!"

And he responds, "Really, woman. I don't care. Go buy yourself a new coat!"

Permission granted, I guess. And I suppose now is the time to go and buy one because they are trying to blow out the winter stuff now in preparation of spring stuff. So I better get in there and get a good, heavy duty warm one.

There's just one problem. I hate shopping for clothing of any kind. I love shopping for yarn and patterns to knit or crochet. I hate shopping for clothing--and especially coats for some reason. It might have something to do with the fact that I look so frumpy in everything. I seriously need to lose about 70 pounds, and I would love to do so, but I'm (mumble mumble) years old, and I figure that I should be able to enjoy what is left of my life, and I love McDonalds and Pizza!

I'm a goner, I know.

Oh, and somebody tell me how to get my phone book back? I had to reload my cell phone yesterday, and when it came back, all of my contacts were GONE. Phone #'s saved over years were just gone! I've added some new stuff, but the old stuff is GONE! Do you know how frustrated I was when THAT happened?

So now, I have a new phone coming, AND I have no contacts in my cell phone. I can't call ANYBODY, and some people that we call perhaps once a year, are lost forever--at least it feels that way.

So I don't know what to do or how to get them back, so a trip to the Verizon store is in my future. When the new phone comes.

Until then, I have to spend time, talking with people I know, getting phone #'s and birthdays and whatever have you--it's a painful process.

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