Monday, February 14, 2011

Hot Coffee!

I like coffee in the morning. I have lately had a taste for instant--but the caffeine in coffee sets me off to the races, and therefore, I don't drink much of that.

Instead, I drink decaffeinated Folger's Instant, with a dollop of powdered creamer (chocolate flavored) and two packages of Equal--in a large cup.

It's the liquid of the gods--heaven--and I love to drink it. Slowly. Savor every drop. While I put my worries and stresses for the day behind me, so that I can resume the will to carry on and go to work--especially on Monday, this is nearly a requirement.

I made it through the week, and exposed myself to an extreme case of the flu as well as a sinus infection. Yesterday, I had a horrible headache, for which I had taken an aspirin. Instead of getting rid of the headache, it just made me extremely tired, so later, when I got home from church, I took a Zyrtec.

God love Zyrtec. It does the trick when no other medication does the trick. The headache was right smack in between my eyeballs on my forehead and even my nose hurt. I knew it was a sinus headache, even before I took the aspirin. So why didn't I take the Zyrtec first?

Because I'm a simpleton, that's why.

Once I got rid of the headache, I was able to sit down, relax, watch hubby play his XBox while I sat an knit on the Wallaby. I have the pouch more than half done. I'm pretty excited about this.

Also on Sunday, I stopped off at the Grand Traverse Pie Company, and had a sandwich (toasty warmed turkey, cheddar, bacon on wheat bread, chips and a pickle), and sat down with a new group of knitters intent on knitting only to find out that I didn't bring the tools to do so. I hate it when that happens. But I did manage to buy some Girl Scout cookies, and chatter and make some new friends, most of which were top notch knitters and knitting teachers. A pretty good group, but probably a few too many to be able to chatter with all of them at one time. For the life of me, I can't remember the name of a single new person--I do remember the names of my friends who invited me....but no one else.

And then I came home and worked on the wallaby. It's coming along, but no pics because I have to get going for work. You know, sometimes, I wish that I could become more like the Yarn Harlot, and write books and patterns and make enough money to support myself.

Are there any publishers out there???

I am reminded of the woman who blogs about knitting and sailing. She has sailed all over the ocean--gone on adventures that I'll never see except in my imagination, and I wonder to myself, silently, (since hubby is still sort of asleep--or trying to be--with all my click, click, clack on the keyboard), whether she might write a book someday about her adventures on the high seas. Or the blogger who takes magnificent photographs while riding a bicycle through the mountains with her husband. Or Muriel of Murmurrs blog who satirizes all things political (and sometimes non-political). I wonder, again silently, if there's a book inside of me.

What would I write about? I certainly don't know enough about one subject (except my own life, and that's pretty sketchy) to write a whole book. I will have to think on this.

In the meanwhile, there is a woman at church who has 3 or 4 children, who recently lost her husband and is having all manner of difficulty. She didn't want to cry at church, apparently, to keep from upsetting the children, wanting to be strong for them. I didn't know her from Eve, but I gave her a big hug anyway, because it looked like she needed one pretty bad. All I could tell her at the time was that "when it rains, it pours, but even then, there is blessing in the rain".


Where did THAT come from?

I mean, let's face it. I am NOT that deep. Get me some coffee, and I can wax philosophical all day on a subject, but this came from someplace else. I walked away from the encounter thinking about my journey through life without my second husband. I remembered long ago, learning that God hears even when all you can do is cry out in anguish. He hears those words before you ever lay a voice to them. Before you hear them in your heart. Heaven's sake, why didn't I tell her THAT? And then I cried (just a little, and mostly for her situation). Then I stopped, and it was done. Just like that.

I hope that it helped her some.

Imagine that? All that from a cup of coffee, which is gone now, and it's time for me to get to the office.


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