Sunday, February 6, 2011

One Down...

Church ended and the fun began, while we all partook of the Pot Luck lunch. Yummy food lay EVERYWHERE. I stayed, and brought a plate back for my hubby when everyone else had had their fill.

When I arrived home, I fed hubby, took the Netflick to the mailbox and lifted the red flag to tell the mail carrier that we were sending something out (happens so rarely that it's almost a joke). And then I returned to warm household, finished up the last few dishes and sat down and finished one--but only one--of my mitts.

It's not the best of repair jobs, since I couldn't remember what size needle I used to make the mitts at all (I expect a size 5 would have been just fine, and this is a fine time to remind me that I should be keeping up with my knitting journal-HUSH!)--I used a size 3, and the stitches are tighter. This could turn out to be a blessing, since tighter weaves don't wear out as quickly. I'm setting the other mitt to the side for now. Lord knows, I wouldn't want to overdo. The pic is taking forever to load to Picasa, so I'm sort of "filling up time" waiting for it to load so that I can post it here. I wouldn't want YOU to miss all the fun.

So while I wait, I've been checking out the offerings on Ravelry using that Fisherman's Wool, and I've found a couple of possibilities.

The first is this goofy pillow from Lion Brand Yarn's Website:

Free Pattern that I picked up and looked at. Although the Herringbone pillow is also being considered....
Scratch the goofy pillow. I'm not fond of the construction. It requires miles and miles of I-cord, which I detest. Checking out the Herringbone pillow...

I have a knit pillow. I don't use it. It's sitting on a chair in the living room, the chair being upside down because we don't want the cats to lay on the cushions (I have to make covers that can be removed for washing before we can have the chairs in upright positions.), hence, the pillow is collecting dust and cat hair ANYWAY, and isn't being used. It's not that it isn't a nice pillow--it's just that neither of us props up our arms on the chair--I use the arms of my chair for that. There's no room for a pillow in my chair. And since I (okay, maybe this is too much information for you) almost NEVER make the bed until I'm ready to sleep in it, sitting pillows on the bed is sort of a joke.

The second is this really cute hat from KnitPicks

The temptation is really strong for the hat, but I would need to buy more materials for it--Lord knows I don't need to buy more yarn! I like the braid at the bottom of the hat, and the fact that there are cats on it (and I love my kitties), but I really don't need more hats. I have 4 hats now, and lots of yarn to make MANY MANY MORE, plus enough yarn for a FEW THOUSAND HATS for charity. So, I'm not really keen on another hat--besides which, I don't look good in hats--not even hats with cats...Enter Dr. Seuss...

So, back to square one. No idea what I'm going to do with this yarn. None. I suppose I could dye it and make something really weird.

You see? The design/what am I going to do next process is really enough to b****slap you right into a quandary.

Perhaps I'll just go back to my chair and re-knit the other mitten.

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