Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's Coming!

Horror of horrors!

I've been watching this storm come. They are still telling us "snow". This morning, they said it would begin at 5pm, later, they said 7pm...I've been watching the dopplar radar, and the storm looks like it's weakening, rather than gaining momentum, and yet, the weatherman is adding to the accumulation extra inches every time I check.

The wind may blow and blow, and tie up the roads if we get even just a little bit of snow, but it's almost 6pm here, and I've not seen a single flake fall from the sky.

I tried to catch my husband before he went out into the weather--to tell him that there were school closings all over the place, so CALL before you go in, or you might end up snowed out! I was too late to catch him, and now he's out in the wind (which is all it's been so far), but it's enough to wipe you right off the road should you get caught by a small drift!

I really wish I'd called earlier, but I didn't think he would leave quite so early. I also found his school book on the table that was just received today from Fed Ex. I doubt there will be deliveries tomorrow--that is, **IF** it snows any amount.

I bought into the hype, watching the dopplar. I stopped at Kroger's and got a smoked ham, some cheese, some bread, chips, dip and bananas. Easy stuff to eat, in case we lose our electricity/heat.

The storm is coming--I can see the clouds changing--it's much darker in the southwest than it was coming home at 5pm. I'm getting emails from Australia stating that they are going offline due to a cyclone. I suppose it's getting pretty hairy everywhere, eh?

The wind, too, is dying down a little--noted--as the calm, before the storm. If it's bad enough, it's possible we could get some thundersnow--something I'd never witnessed until last year. And, then too, the wind could cause the storm to pass over much faster than expected and drop it's load all over the northeast--even so, if it snows even 5", the drifts would easily be twice that--impossible to navigate.

I'm not going to Tuesday knit night. I'm willing to bet that it's called off. I want to stay home, safe and sound. Let the snow come. Just make sure I have my fire and my food and water, and I'll be fine.

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