Monday, February 7, 2011

Did you Watch the Game?

People everywhere are asking that question. Usually, my answer is "ah, no...not so interested in football..."

But this year, for some reason, I wanted to watch it. So I did. Was I ever glad!

Today has been just "abuzz" about football, and the disappointing loss by the Steelers--and just because I usually cheer for the underdog, I cheered for the Packers--Steelers have had the trophy for a lot of years, and frankly, they were due for a whoopin'.

It was a good game. The Steelers would probably have done better to just hand the ball over (which they did THREE TIMES, if you didn't watch), and then smile while they handed over the trophy as well. The Steelers lost to themselves--even with the injuries to the Packer team--

Now this is not to say the Steelers didn't have their moments. I think it was the top of the Third Quarter where they brightened up a little...but alas! It wasn't enough brightening for the Steelers.

The commercials and the half time show were mostly disappointing--The "Peas" basically played all the same old stuff--nothing new, with lots of problems with the sound mixer, who should be fired. I think there was one commercial that was really built up a few days before the game--a "Western" theme for Budweiser--as being a real cool (and expensive) thing. Well, my opinion was that yes, it started out cool, but it ended pretty stupid. I did like the commercial with the car in it, and the guys in the background are creating the scenario, and all of a sudden, the driver becomes a teacher, and she's just fantasizing behind the wheel about all the great stuff the car can do, and the guys say "Oh, yeah, didn't see that comin'"... I don't know, the commercials were pretty lame this year.

And the commercials were the main reason I was watching the game in the first place. Turns out, the game was more fun.

And that was my SuperBowl Sunday Review.

After the game was the Post Game stuff, then Glee came on. I really wanted to watch Glee, but couldn't keep my eyes open. So I gave in to my dreams and fell asleep.

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