Monday, February 21, 2011

The Big Day Off.

I guess today is Washington's birthday. I have a holiday day today. I spend it wisely, staying home when the roads are so slick! Last night, I watched the storm while hubby slept. Remember he was supposed to start his new job today...well...

Four am rolls around and I'm up, we're checking the road, he thinks he can make it. I pull Tarot cards on my cellie, and it's saying, he'll make a valiant effort, but ultimately fail. The Hanged Man was the last card.

Then I pulled cards that told me that the two head bosses weren't going to make it to work either, and I told my husband what I read in the cards, and while he knew he was taking chances, he thought if he could at least make it to the main road...

So I gave him my cellie, set it up so he could call home should he run into trouble, told him to take his shoes, but wear his boots, found his hat and gloves, and he drove away.

I watched him get stuck on the corner. I watched him get stuck about 3 times trying. I finally watched him sitting sideways in the middle of the road, and decided he was screwed, and that I couldn't watch what was transpiring any more.

I got his son (who had only been sleeping for a couple of hours) up and out of bed, told him his dad was stuck on the corner and to get Fred to help (Fred being the 4-wheel drive pickup). Then I put my tall rubber boots on with woolen socks, my coat and hat, gloves and scarf and headed over to the stuck car to tell my husband that his son was on his way. I thought that I might be able to help, but the boots were seriously hurting my feet, so I walked back home, and put coffee on. It was pretty evident that I wasn't going to get any more sleep until daylight.

Step son got his dad unstuck and towed him back to the house. Hubby got out the snow blower and blew the drive, and run the car back into the drive. When step son got into the drive, we motioned him into the house to warm up with coffee, and then I made him some eggs for breakfast. Hubby called work to let them know he'd be late. Nothing to be done about it, really.

Hubby stayed home until daylight, and then took Fred to work. I watched him drive down the main road, blowing snow in plumes behind him. I figure he had some difficulty getting down the road (since the plow hadn't been through yet), but since he didn't call to let me know that he was in trouble, I figure that he finally made it to his new job.


I finally got some rest in, although I don't feel rested.

So I'm wondering if the big bosses made it to work, but I won't hear about that until hubby gets home tonight. Of course, you know he's going to have more trouble getting home--the wind has been horrible all day, and I figure that what isn't nailed down will be blowing into the road again.


Last night, I finished the last of the arms, legs and bib for the bear. I need to get busy sewing the limbs on. I haven't had the ambition to do much but sit and watch television. This is bad for me. My body is craving chips and dip, but there's no way that I'm going out with the roads as bad as they are.

So I need to get started on Lester. Hubby will probably not be home until 6pm, giving him only a couple of hours before he has to go to bed again...and THAT'S only if he can get through the roads...

To be continued.

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