Thursday, February 17, 2011

Juat About 4 Rows to Go

After I bought a new coat at Burlington Coat Factory--and let me tell you--that was quite a trip. You see, it turns out that as spring gets closer, they start blowing coats out the door to make room for Spring season merchandise. This happens about December. There were exactly 10 coats in my size, and I hated all of them. I finally chose a coat that doesn't cover my rump, and was slightly too tight across the back of my shoulders, and went home after spending over an hour at the store. It was just too much to believe. It is a down coat, but it's black (I hate black coats.), and I'm not sure it's going to keep me warm enough for the rest of the winter, so tonight, after I get out of the office, I'm going to buy another zipper for my brown (old) coat, and try to put it in. Again. It will take me the full day.After the zipper I have Woolgatherer's, where I'm teaching double knitting.

Bear Bottom will be done soon. I had to stop 4 rows short of the butt because the opening is getting so much smaller that the stitches are difficult to make, and the work is hard on my hands.

And Nova came on PBS.

Now Nova has got to be one of my favorite shows next to Nature, and when it is playing, it interests me so much that I can't possibly concentrate on counting, and last night was no exception to that rule.

The first story was about the scientific reason for our creation. They think that they've got the recipe finally to make RNA, but they haven't figured out how the original BIG BANG occurred. Frankly, I figure you have a binary star, the two collide, they explode due to the gasses (can you combine methane and a small iron spark?) and there you have it.

The second episode of Nova was about Flight 447 (big news in 2009), and how they've figured out what must have happened to the airbus to make it crash the way it did.

They were both interesting programs, and I wanted to watch the third, but I was so tired that I went to bed earlier than usual=10pm. Today is Thursday, and it's supposed to be a beautiful day, which I'm looking forward to wearing my new coat to the office. I'm going to freeze my buns off, I just know it.

I'll let you know.

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