Thursday, June 30, 2011

All Day Long with the Casey Anthony Trial?

I guess the defense rested today. Really hard to believe since I don't feel that they presented ANYTHING resembling, even remotely, "reasonable doubt". Sure, George might have had an affair. Who cares? Most men do that--and if they don't do it in reality, they do it in fantasy. But the woman who testified had no credibility, taking money (and two tons worth of it, too) from the National Enquirer.

Oh, right. As if that makes you credible--there's not an ounce of credibility in the National Enquirer. If you had something to say, you take it to the police. NOT to the Enquirer.

I guess the prosecution is going to try and knock down Cindy's statement that she was searching for chloroform on the internet--that when she was supposedly looking for chlorophyll, google pulled up chloroform--who knows? Maybe she spelled it wrong or what not. But her boss would tell you she was at work when the searches were done, and this would be fine, of course, unless the computer had the wrong system date...complicating things further.  But when you type clorafill, which would be a pretty common misspelling, in google, it pops up "did you mean chlorophyll"? So that testimony is total bs...naturally.

The whole family is a piece of work. They ALL lie. I don't think any of them knows how to tell the truth. And the defense has tossed out so many smoke screens. Why in the world would George tell a mistress the truth, when he can't even tell the truth on the witness stand? What? He's lied all this time, and suddenly he's going to tell the truth "in a moment of weakness"? I don't think so.

Beyond that, even if they all lied, SOMEBODY has to tell the truth at some point. They have all lied from the very beginning. One minute it's a kidnapping, one minute it's a drowning, next minute it's the meter reader, next minute it's daddyo. Sounds like the defense is grasping at straws ANY straw.

It's sad really. Daddy didn't know a thing about it, as evidenced by his suicide note. Too many questions with no answers, he says. Mom's been frantic trying to get answers out of the one person who SHOULD know--Casey--who was the last one to see her daughter alive.

As I said before, usually when a married person dies and the death is suspicious, it is ALMOST ALWAYS the spouse who is a person of interest in the case from the very get go. There's a reason why that is. And when the death is a child, and homicide is determined, then the parent's are the likely culprit. There's a reason for that, too.

Poor Caylee. No one wanted her until it was too late for anyone to love her.

So for cards this evening, I pulled:

Page of Pentacles (reversed)
3 of Cups (Regret)
6 of pentacles (reversed)

Earth and water cards. Hmm. Regret standing firmly in the middle, though, indicating that someone feels sorrow. The Page of Pentacles (entitled) Health is reversed, and a picture of a young person knealing in the forest, as if to pay hommage. Health reversed means issues with health, be they mental/emotional/physical/psychological. A reference perhaps to George's continued depression over his loss. Regret over it, naturally. But then the 6 of pentacles reversed (entitled Bounty), indicating that there's a hoped for "income", that won't materialize. I've wondered if all this "note taking" by Cindy wasn't an attempt to grab everything she can to get to writing a book--and I wonder if Cindy doesn't already have a publisher contacting her asking her to get everything down that she can to put into a book.

Well, listen, I won't buy it. My mother might, however--my mother likes Anne Rule books, and if she saw it, she would likely buy it. Sadly, I can't see giving money to somebody who only wants to benefit from the death of a little girl. I think it's horrible and materialistic (a card I drew yesterday when I asked about Cindy).

So there you go. The defense, as I said has rested. Now the Judge tells the Jury to begin deliberating. It's all over but the crying. I just drew the King and Queen of Cups. There will be many tears during this time.

Seven swords.
Six Swords
(too bad there isn't 12 swords, but 13 is real close, isn't it?)

The High Priestess (someone called back to question)
The Star (wishful thinking/prayer/wishing on a star)
The Wheel (a game of Russian roulette--the vote)
And the Queen of Wands, or Queen of Fire, perhaps a sudden illumination that provides the final turning point.

Last card is the Sun. All will be revealed in the light of day.

I'm a little surprised that I didn't see Justice in this draw, but then again, with all the lying going on, I can see why it didn't make an appearance. I think that somebody needs to come forward with the truth. I don't believe anyone has told a lick of truth yet. Too many people trying to cover their own butts and their own secrets.

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